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I am an avid photographer with a love for digital processing. The Bearded One and I have become "Townies" once again and are in the process of transforming our suburban nest into a peaceful refuge.
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back out at the Cottage

A purple Trillium on the hillside at the Cottage

Looks like Spring
It is looking a little like spring out here at the cottage. I can see blue sky amidst the clouds and it is almost 60 degrees out. I was sitting down taking a break after sweeping the patio, when a little brown squirrel scampered between my feet. He didn't seem much bothered by me. A cute little thing. It's normally quite out here on the Bay but today across the water I hear a live band. Someone is having a big “to do” of some sort. Either that or they are just having band practice.

The “Bearded One” is busy hauling shelves and boxes to a storage unit we found just a few minutes up the road from here. We definitely needed someplace to store the motorcycle and the other things that we have no room for here at the Cottage. Stuff like totes full of Christmas decorations, lawnmower, power tools, and assorted whatnot.

Cottage News

The boat down at the beach
It's feeling more and more like home here at the Cottage. Things are beginning to find their place. The “Bearded One” and I have each claimed our own closets, drawers and places to sit. We try to stay out of one another's ways. It's probably good that we're both not retired. It's a little quiet because we have no TV and our radios aren't really made for picking up stations. When we actually move in I will have internet radio and of course i-tunes.

The Inn Keepers fresh baked bread cooling on the deck

The Happy Homemaker

The Inn Keepers been baking again. I spied this loaf cooling on the deck on my way down to the beach this morning. It's been baked in a covered stoneware baker. The crust always turns out amazing.
We have a new fan installed in the kitchen. It's amazing. Very small, very quiet, and very effective. I was able to cook bacon, pancakes, and eggs and not fill the cottage up with the smells. Of course when you walked outside it smelled like breakfast being cooked in a campground... Still enjoy using the “earwig” vacuum cleaner and I found that my favorite brush attatchment fits really well on the end. Well the “Bearded One” is on his way back so I need to get some lunch going...
My Reading List

These High Green Hills,
Jan Karon
The third in the Mitford Series. A fun, feel good read recommended by knitter extrodinaire Ferol.


Lisa OZ
Wife of Mehmet Oz...I'm enjoying it. Really down to earth, funny, and inspiring.

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