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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Middle of April

Out and About

Knitting group was this past Thursday and Ferol was kind enough to get me started on my very first pair of "toe up" socks. Hooray. I'm only about 4 inches into the first one but already I feel so accomplished.

 It's been a real hoot getting together with other knitters chatting, feasting and getting inspired by one another's projects. Thanks so much to Ferol for being the "hostess" with the "mostess"

Cottage Life

We are moving more stuff in each week. It is at the point where it makes it a little tough at the apartment because so many things that I "need" are at the cottage. We are still working out the bugs as far as where things will go. There is limited space so it really needs to be organized.

The Inn Keeper has installed a magnetic knife rack and a great broom holder. Both of which are greatly appreciated.
Another neat thing is the larger board we picked up at Lowes to go on top of our existing little side table of sorts. The original top is 16"x 36". We have barstools that fit with it but the overhang was only a couple of inches so we couldn't really get close enough to our plates. The new top is 20" x 48" which not only gives us more leg room but also extra width without interfering with the drawers. Right now it's just sitting on top of the original but it will be easy to clamp it or attach.

The Happy Housewife

The kitchen aide has come home at last. Luckily it fits under the butcher block cart. (just barely)

The hanging baskets are doing well as are the herbs although they seem a little slow in coming on. I plan on adding a few more along with some trailing plants.  Oops, the Bearded One has just arrived with some more stuff to put away...

 When a dog runs at you, whistle for him.

Henry David Thoreau
US Transcendentalist author (1817 - 1862)

Be well and take care of each other

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