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Sunday, April 1, 2012

April fool's day and another weekend come and gone...

Maple leaves rain

The little maple's new leaves in the rain

I can't believe how fast the weekend has gone by. I am nervously waiting to hear that the map is being printed, no more edits. We've met the deadline and they will do a test run tomorrow and give it a final look see. What a project. Next up on my agenda is to get my "studio" organized so that I can work a little more efficiently. The extra bedrooms are very small. I had envisioned a grand space with plenty of room for craft projects and photo equipment living in harmony side by side. They are at this moment on top of each other. I did get a small fold up table to use for a desk I just need to organize the bits and pieces.

IMG 0017

These are shadows. They were caused by a large orb called the sun peeking out between the clouds this morning. It was glorious.

Today we saw our first humming bird visit the feeder in the back yard. You'll have to take my word for it though since it's visit wasn't actually recorded in the following picture.


Sister Sandy is transporting a fine set of chairs that she has donated to our cause one by one in her Honda. She was afraid that I'd think that they were terribly ugly ( I was accepting them sight unseen) so I didn't know quite what to expect and was overjoyed when I saw them. The bearded one will be in charge of making sure they are tight and sturdy and then we will reupholster their wonderfully wide seat bottoms. There are 6 altogether 2 of them captain's chairs with arms. It will be perfect. I can't wait to show them to you.

I went shopping for groceries today. Not my usual one or two bags from Trader Joe's, but an actual cart full with enough eats to last us for a couple of weeks. We've been living with small fridges for quite a while and now that we have the room we decided to do it up right. I think it also works a little better "budget wise" to load up rather then stopping at the store every day or two.  Now that we are ready for the new week I'm going to head up stairs and take a long hot soak, just because I can...

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