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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where Has Summer Gone?

A picture of the recycle bin... note these are not all mine.
Today is the last day of August. 

It seems like it's been a very short summer. We spent May and June waiting for the temperature to get above 70 degrees. Now that school is starting up again we are experiencing warmer days, some near 80. Mother Nature however is quite aware that fall is around the corner and the annuals that have been waiting for summertime are now beginning to show signs of giving up resigning themselves to returning to the earth in the form of compost.

The family camp out here to be known as the "red neck reunion" is this weekend. There will be food, laughter, beer, wine, more food, and much Guffawing in the great woods of the Olympic Peninsula. The "Culinary Pinnacle" will be Saturday nights Seafood Boil. For our part, we will be taking advantage of living here on the Bay and gather up some fresh local steamers for our donation to the great pot. 

The Bearded One is really enjoying his new relationship with the internet. He loves gathering knowledge and now it seems he has found an unending supply. We don't have TV out here in the woods so our evenings are spent silently tapping on our keyboards. He reading reams of material and me engrossed in Photo shop.

It's hard to believe that we've lived here for over a year. We are quite cozy and snug. The neighbor, (our Landlord) has provided us with another small fridge with freezer to supplement the dorm fridge in the kitchen. She has also provided an external antenna to boost our internet connection. We are not high speed but we can accomplish everything we need to relatively quickly. Did I mention that her large organic garden is ours to glean from. We have become quite smitten with kale, sauteed in butter, garlic, and onions. 

I am going to make an effort to post one or two times a week.

To my family... See you at the gathering. I'm bring bug spray, and leaving the umbrellas behind. Rumors have it that will are due for some nice weather this time. Unlike year's past...
Last year, Dustin and Leslie's tent in the rain.

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  1. Im bring you some swiss chard for the campout.. we shall eat very civilized in the woods..