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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Jeep in the Family

Out and About
Yesterday the Bearded One went out for a loaf of bread and came back with a Jeep. A little green '98 Wrangler that henceforth shall be called "little green". It all made perfect sense. After all, we will be moving out into the woods, and the Mazda Pickup truck lacked both the power and personality to cope with "our new" lifestyle. So now we are a two Jeep family. Me with the Grand Cherokee (old lady jeep) and Bearded One with the new (Hip Young Stud) Jeep.


Cottage News
Yesterday we were invited to the Cottage for wine and appetizers with our new landlady. We of course in all the excitement about the jeep and not being late, had forgotten to take the checkbook. The Bearded One volunteered to drop me off and made the trip back home to retrieve the check. I had an amazing time. LL had prepared a variety of toppings for thin sliced crusty bread. One was a combination of greens (cooked Kale), gorgonzola cheese, and tomatoes. Oh my!! And the red wine she served was terrific. It was one she had gotten at Trader Joe's. I need to remember to ask for the name, it went perfectly with the aperitifs.

We discussed the possibilities for the cottage. I had been thinking of getting a gas grill and I also wanted to clear the way for my wrought Iron Bistro set, potted plants and the installation of coat hooks in the entry way next to the bench.
It turns out that I get to plant the boxes that line the deck. I am really excited about that. They already have drip irrigation installed. I'm in heaven, what can I say.
I think I might have a solution to my "kitchen aide" problem. Sis and I discovered that Lowes had a butcher block cart on wheels with shelves below on clearance. Regularly $170 it was on sale for $49. that would enable me to have extra counter or cooking space when I needed it but it could be rolled out of the way at will.
We will be spending our first weekend out at the bay come this Friday. We will take books, computer, wine, and food. It will be amazing. We will be able to explore our new digs and surroundings.

The Happy Homemaker

Asian Cooking Pots


Asian cooking pots. A new fascination. Our landlady uses them and swears by them. When you season them properly they turn this amazing earthy brown color. She uses them both in the oven and on top of her gas range. They are really intriguing and I will be investigating.


This has been a good day. I was able to get back to work and that felt good. I'm really excited about the cottage and "going home" I've been reading "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach. It's a great read and full of encouragement. It reads like a sort of devotional with one new essay or thought for each day. At the end of each months readings there is a list of Monthly ideas… really liking it so far.

That's it for now…
Be safe and look out for each other

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