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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Inspiration, Fresh air, and a great glass of wine...

Out and About
I was able to go and visit sister at Sidehill Farm yesterday. It was amazing... The sky was blue, and spring was definitely in the air. They had fried up a mess of razor clams (my favorite) which I sniffed out immediately and I got to sip some of her latest vintage.

We walked about the farm envisioning what will be and seeing the bones and structure already in place. Of course I had my camera in hand and had to take a few shots of Prudence the llama ,the chickens, and sheep. What fun. It was good to encourage each other and trade stories and dreams.

We are both beginning again in a way… starting a new page. She is finishing up a long year of building for someone else and having to put her own nest on hold and The Bearded One and I are getting ready to move into our dream cottage and start a new way of life.

So here's to us… Let the Journey continue.


Cottage News


Our LandLady has invited us over for hors devours and wine this afternoon. We will pay her the rest of the deposit and get the keys to our kingdom. It's true. It is all really happening. I don't know whether to do the "happy dance" or to panic. We will need to do some serious downsizing.
A couple of issues that will have to be addressed are the parking situation or should I say lack of good parking and some of the shared storage space down in the laundry area.

I will be able take my beloved craftsman rocker and footstool since Melody out of the blue offered to remove a cute but quite Victorian chair and Tuffet combo. That was an unexpected little bonus.

I did talk to her about getting a gas grill. It will open up the cooking possibilities and help keep the miniscule yet efficient kitchen area a little less cluttered. There is a lot I will be able to do with a nice size grill all year round.

We will be staying just on the weekends until May when we will move full time, so that will give us some time to work out what we need to keep, have room for,
and what we don't.

Each time we go out to the Bay it gets a little more familiar and comfortable. To be honest the first time we drove down the 1700 foot dirt driveway we swore we heard banjos playing and we were both simultaneously humming the theme from deliverance. Once we got to the bottom though and saw the magical setting with the cottages all nestled together we were hooked. Didn't think it was doable at first but then the cottage just seemed to draw us and our landlady was warm, friendly and enthusiastic.

The happy Homemaker

I made the first batch of yogurt the day before yesterday and today am using one of the containers to make Yogurt Cheese. The yogurt itself turned out really creamy and fairly soft. The starter came from a whole milk yogurt I got at Trader Joe's.
My technique, (learned from Sis) is to put a coffee filter in my colander, add one container of yogurt, top with another filter, and weight it down with a plate and a can of beans. Already whey is dripping into the catch bowl… How about that!


The Bearded One is out shopping for new wheels. Well not actually new wheels. New to him wheels. He is looking into trading his Mazda PU for a sporty little Jeep Wrangler (soft top of course) He has been a little skeptical of taking his PU up and down the woodsy road that we will be moving to. I am waiting by the phone as we speak.

I don't really know how this fits into " reflections" other than I think we are all moving towards that new doorway, a different scenery and a new bend in the road. We are all moving forward with both expectation and a little in trepidation. As with anything new and unknown we can start with small little shuffling movements or we can jump in with wild abandon...
Cannon Ball anyone?



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