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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Out and About
Today started out cold and windy but slowly warmed up a bit with plenty of blue sky. My job took me out on Cooper point first thing this morning so my teeth were chattering but I had a divine view of the Sound.
Spring is definitely in the air. Weeping cherries, Forsythia, and Tinus Vibernum were in bloom and deer were out and about dining freely on everyone's expensive landscapes.

Cottage News
Looking forward to this weekend at the Cottage. Still haven't come up with a menu for our stay. Everything we need to cook with and bunk down for the night is already there. Bearded One has a job to do on Saturday so I will remain there solo for the early part of the afternoon giving me and the cottage a chance to bond.

I've been compiling a list of shady plants that will do well in the boxes that surround our patio. I'm thinking definitely some impatiens. They are so easy to care for and I can buy them by the flat at Classical Farms. They are a great choice because there is no deadheading involved. Just an occasional trim back to keep them full.

I'm thinking we can take the "Fish Pot" with us. It has a great papyrus plant and the sound of gurgling water is always nice. I might have to find a solar pump though depending on whether I can locate an outside plug. Hopefully the raccoons won't discover the fish. (wishful thinking, I'm sure)

Still looking at the Char Broil infra-red Small Grill. It has gotten some good reviews. Cleanup is supposed to be easy because it can get hot enough to turn the food bits into ash that you can just brush off.

The Happy Homemaker
Trying to come up with creative ideas for small space living and cooking. This week I will be unloading a lot of the "Bathroom Clutter" all those tubes and bottles of this and that that I've packed around for who knows how long. Keeping the best towels and washcloths, and only the current "face" Most of the stuff in the bathroom I haven't gone through or even looked at since we moved in last June. And then I had a lot of stuff that I'd brought with us that I hadn't dealt with earlier. So I should be able to reduce my bathroom footprint to one fairly small basket… Ha! We'll see I love a challenge.

It's been a good day all in all. I've resolved (once again) to climb back on the lowcarb wagon. Got the "new", new Atkins book with lots of ideas and the science to back it up so tomorrow I will again start the induction phase. I'm starting to sound like a broken record I know. I just feel so much clearer and focused when I'm eating right.

Okay, Until tomorrow
Stay well and watch out for each other

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  1. Sunday and monday we will be in town...youd better make some space heheh