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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another Saturday come and gone...


IMG 7263

Old Jars in Melody's Cabin

Cottage Life

This is a very quick post. I was out and about with Sissie all day. Got to see new Grandbaby Jaylee and drop off the multitude of amazing baby clothes that were donated by my Son-in-law's railroad co-workers. Thanks guys! I don't think she will ever have to wear the same thing twice. We then headed to Rochester to check on Carey and visit with Annie and lil' Remington. Needless to say it's past my bedtime and I'm working in the morning.

Before and After

Today I thought that I would revamp my screensaver. Normally this is what my screen looks like. A photo that I like (changes a lot) and a whole mess of files that get cluttered, depending on the project I'm working on. I wanted to design something that still had a photo that I liked, but helped me keep things organized.


Screensaver before

Files everywhere that get lost in the landscape


Screensaver blog


Now I have areas to put particular files. The background is static, but all the files just lay on top and can be moved about as needed. It just makes it a little easier visually for me. The Stickie notes in the corner are just laid on top in their designated space, and are fully functional. It's really just a matter of moving files around.

Here are a couple more ideas... By the way if you'd like to see how this would work for you, just right click on one of the images below and save it to your desktop, open up your stickies if you have them or whatever note pad you have and drag it to the corner.




Bench background



Moving right along to...

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

This one's for you Annie...


Until next time...


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