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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Too much Tuesday and "Crafting with Cat Hair"


"Home Sweet Home"

The Cottage as I came down the driveway this afternoon.

Cottage Life



I ran across this book in Barnes and Noble today. I swear I'd never heard of this before. Collecting cat hair and turning it into fun little handicrafts. Hmmm... It caught my attention so I began to look into it. Low and behold there is even a website called http://www.craftingwithcathair.com Her tagline is "into every craft a little cat hair must fall". What a hoot. Who knew?



From the book



Little felted cat hair cats on totes


I don't know seems a little odd to me but then I don't have a cat. Now dog hair I get. After all, my sister Sandy did knit a hat with home spun yarn made from their dog Hastings' fur.

Happy Crafting!!!

Before and After

An old Barn that I keep taking pictures of. It seem that every time I go by I have to take another shot. The rusty roof in particular calls to me.


IMG 3734


The colors are nice with the sun shining on the barn and highlighting the textures.



With a sketch layer added

This one is more "Drawn" The detail shows up much better at actual size







Fence Post

Healthy Choices

The Bearded One made his trademark Salmon, cooked in foil on the grill with fresh lemon and butter. It was accompanied by cinnamon sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli. Now that's healthy, and delicious. When I go "on vacation" next week I will have to start trooping up and down the 1700' driveway to get my exercise. The job I have now entails a lot of walking. I will have to make it up somehow, and marching up and down a fairly steep driveway will help. Now if I can get myself out of my slippers and out into the fresh air.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Storyhill- I love the harmony of this duo... well worth the listen.


Until next time...


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