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Monday, October 24, 2011

A Trip to the beach, the art of the cloth napkin, and "Chub Cam" Monday

Here s looking at you

The Bearded One looking into things

I was looking through some older photos to see if I could find anything that I could fiddle with for today's before and after and came across this one of "the Bearded One". The funny thing is that I'm looking across the top of my computer screen and He's doing the exact same thing. His never ending quest for knowledge continues.

Cottage Life


I absolutely love cloth napkins. I use them everyday. It's a fairly recent affair. I used to only associate cloth napkins with "special dinners" where we would try to impress the family with our chicness. We would use them once, then throw them in the wash, and be dismayed at how misshapen they would come out of the dryer. The chance of ironing them was next to nil so in the drawer they would go. Things changed when we moved into the tiny enchanted cottage in the woods, which came equipped  with our marvelous landlord living in the larger cottage next door. She has been amazingly inspirational.  With Melody everyday cloth napkins are a way of life. Good wine with dinner, and candles lit are also the norm. From our first night when we were invited for hors d'oeuvres, fresh baked mediterranean bread (baked in a covered crockery dish, then cooled out on the deck railing) I was hooked. Melody had stacks of colorful napkins. Large, well worn, multi patterned, cover your lap napkins. The fact that she is a gourmet cook and loves to entertain probably added to the magic. Her Cottage is not very large but is built for entertaining and dinner parties. She has a restaurant worthy gas range, a enormous cutting block island, and a large "banquet" built in with seating all around. Cookbooks are everywhere. They fill the shelves that line the stairs, and sit perched on bookstands opened up to favorite recipes.  Large french doors lead out onto a multi tiered wood deck over looking the bay with seating all around. But I digress. Where was I... Oh yes. Cloth napkins. I find myself carrying them around with me. They start out at the table, then move with me and my coffee to the desk. A little like Linus and his blanket. It's funny how something so simple can make life feel a little extra special. And they don't even necessarily have to match. They must however, be soft and friendly as only a well used, much washed napkin can be.





A day at the beach a while back...


I love to take pictures of people taking pictures

Ruby Beach is a favorite of mine. Someone had stacked stones everywhere that day. Very cool. No one knocked them over. It was art for all of us to enjoy. Very "Zen" like.


No, apparently I can't just let a photo be a photo... I have to putz with it.

Before and After

Another photo from the garden. Sometimes as you may have noticed, I just take pictures of this and that. Then I try to see if I can salvage anything.


A ball of twine...with a mallet.

Twine before



I really liked the old shears and mallet , so I cropped in really tight and focused on the texture of the twine.

Healthy Choices

Okay so today is "Chub Cam Monday". Its been an unusual two weeks. And today I've done better. So here we go again. I actually thought that the humiliation factor of chub cam would keep me on task but that obviously has not been the case.



Photo on 2011 10 24 at 20 48  2

Trying to cover "Chub"

Disclaimer: I may resort to photoshopping my progress at some point so be forewarned ...


Hmmm... Pause for Thought



Really??? I don't think so....

For those local knitters (seattle, Olympia) check this out. A train ride for knitters. From Seattle to Portland and back. You can get on in Centralia too. lot's of knitters, yarn shops in Portland etc.




Until next time...



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