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I am an avid photographer with a love for digital processing. The Bearded One and I have become "Townies" once again and are in the process of transforming our suburban nest into a peaceful refuge.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Not so Manic Monday and the art of the "Crafty" Tattoo


Most of my children are sporting tattoos. The Bearded One has quite a collection himself. Me, I haven't taken the plunge. I just can't think of anyplace on my body that isn't destined to wander southward over time. I'm afraid that I would have to tattoo my forehead in hopes that it would land on my shoulder in a few years. I like the art however, and these examples in particular are intriguing... A crafty woman's dream, decorating your birthday suit with something you're passionate about. Also note that there are lots of sharp pointy objects involved, always a plus when it comes to tattoos. Move over Sailor Jerry...


Crafty tattoos

A variety of sewing and knitting based tattoos

Cottage Life

Morning latte

Really enjoying my day off. I have not accomplished a whole lot of tangible tasks such as cleaning, laundry, cooking and such but I am managing to crank out today's blog post a little early. It's another beautiful day here in the woods. I really should venture outside but I remind myself that I work outside all year so i'm certainly not lacking in fresh air. I had wanted to get some pumpkin patch shots today but I will put them on tomorrows to do list. Can You believe that this is the middle of October? My Oh My. This is my favorite time of year and it's zipping right by.


IMG 4944

The view as I type...


Before and After

I'm still fiddling around with Blog Banner ideas

Crafty bannerA little bit of "Found Lace" and buttons

Banner manlyBecause "Real Men" do blog...


A little roadside farmer's market. I love the textures and colors of Fall.

IMG 4234 2

Straight out of the camera



Using some basic photoshop filters one in particular called "cutout"

Tis the season. Every once in a while I like to slip into something a little more "Graphic Art" poster-like.


Healthy Choices

Chub Cam Monday...


Well. What can I say? Here's to a better week. I will do better, I will. Some things are working really well. For example The Bearded One's cooking skills are vastly improving and He's got a larger list of meals that he can prepare. May I interject that it's not the eating at home that does me in. When we were growing up in Quinault, going to town was a big deal. Going anywhere was a big deal. Anytime you jumped in the car it was a "road trip" and everyone knows that food goes really well with travel. As we got older with families of our own, my sister Sandy and I would head to town for our bi-monthly grocery shopping. Going to aberdeen meant stopping at the main Duffy's for coffee and nachos or potato skins with sour cream. We would do what we had to do and then stop at the Aberdeen Duffy's for coffee and pie on the way home. So it is ingrained in my thinking process, that everytime you go to or from "town" you get comfort food. Problem is I now live "in" town (Olympia) or really close, and I come and go to town everyday. And making things worse is the fact that my job involves driving to and from.... do you see where this is going? Yep. It's all mom's fault.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering.
Winnie the Pooh
Piglet, Pooh's Little Instruction Book


Until Next Time...

Hankie butt


  1. This is where one could post a comment if one had a comment to post.... hmmmmmmmm?

  2. I have so many comments I could pretty much do a blog consisting solely of comments about My Cottage Year. 'Little Black Rain Cloud' is one of my favorite songs ever! :-)

  3. Whooty whooooooo! A comment! Bless you Ferol... thank you for responding to my blatant scream for attention LOL. So are you gonna start a micro blog hmmmmm? you'd be so good at it. I can keep up with all your knitty projects that way.