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Friday, October 14, 2011

Fabulous Friday

IMG 4842

Colorful Sign seen Downtown Olympia this morning

Cottage Life

Today is Friday, sort of. I mean it is Friday but I have to work tomorrow so it felt like Thursday all day. We started our work day visiting a local Bakery courtesy of the Boss. Yes there will be confessions in the "Healthy Choices" section. We were on our way to visit the ailing cherry trees on the Capitol Grounds. A lot of beautiful ornamental cherry trees have succumbed to CBT or Cherry Bark Tortrix. A moth that has come down from Canada is now depositing it's eggs in local cherry trees. The larva then bore into the trunks, damaging or killing the trees quite swiftly.

IMG 4409

This tree went quickly. The moths' easily laid their eggs in the holes left by sapsuckers

IMG 4777

IMG 4779

















Checking out a damaged cherry tree on Capitol Campus, and a closeup of the Frass tubes (larva poo) that are left by burrowing larvae


Okay enough about work... on to

Before and After

It's Harvest time... Pumpkins and Pears. I thought I'd try a couple of "still life's" Actually I ran around the house madly snapping pictures and had no idea what to put on the blog this evening. It may be Friday, but I get to work tomorrow. Somehow that slipped my mind as I was fiddling about. This before and after then is due to a time crunch and sudden overwhelmness, which isn't a word but yet explains perfectly my current state of mind.


Before fruit

The aforementioned fruit and squash...




Pears in Repose


Little Jack O Lanterns, Also in Repose

Healthy Choices

True confession. This is not going well. As stated earlier, the boss took us to Wagner's Bakery this morning. I jumped on a coconut-lemon bar and washed it down with a pumpkin spice latte'. I never drink flavored latte's. Chub Cam is still scheduled for Monday but the way it's going I may have to "photo shop" the result. or put a bag over my head.The Brown Bag "O" Shame.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought...Nuff Said

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