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Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday, Monday... Back from Vacation


What was left of my delicious Flax Seed Muffin

Cottage Life

The Cottage had to get along without me this last weekend. A gal friend and I went to Bainbridge Island and had a marvelous time. I had forgotten how to laugh and I hadn't even realized it. We caught the Ferry on Friday evening had a wonderful dinner at Docs Marina Grill I had the oysters, of course, and Sandy had the night's "Special" braised Pork. It was relaxing and fun, then on to our digs for the weekend... We stayed at The Bainbridge Island Best Western.


Nicely furnished rooms

Sandy came prepared and even brought real Coffee mugs, half and half, and some amazing flaxseed muffins... and Cupcake Wine. How fun. I came with computer and knitting in hand but didn't do a thing but "chew the fat" (who came up with that saying anyway?) and laugh. A lot.

IMG 5369

It was great to hang out until early afternoon with no schedule to keep. On to shopping. We got to go to a popular yarn shop called Churchmouse Yarns and Teas


A great assortment of Buttons and fasteners


Some amazing yarns, although a little pricey

Did I mention that the weather was perfect for meandering around down town. Lots to see and be inspired by. The leaves were all brilliantly colored and crisp. Oh and then there was the bakery window... For the record I did not eat these. I just left handprints on the windows.

IMG 5440

Tis the season


IMG 5441




Wine tasting...

Then there was wine tasting, a Northwest tradition.

Because we didn't want it to end we drove up the other direction towards Shelton on our way home and stopped at the knit shop in Paulsbo. We would have stopped in Allyn too but we were running out of time.

IMG 5422 2

A fun and colorful scarf

Sandy winetasting

Thanks Sandy!!!  Let me know when you want to compare feet again...

Much fun and laughter. Thanks Sandy!!! A great way to kick of my upcoming "Season of Hiatus" Loving it. Really I am. Of course this is only the first day. :-)


Before and After

Grand Daughter Jaylee.... while we are waiting for baby Milo


IMG 9159 2

A real cutie, I know.




The detail at actual size, with paper texture.

I did a watercolor treatment for this one. I think if I did it again i would pink up the Jammies a little.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

from me to you...


Until next time...

Ladies weekend


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I was expecting Milo would come since both grandmas were out of town! And oh, that picture of Jaylee--so cute!

  2. Thanks girl... looking forward to the little guy's arrival.