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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Too good to be Thursday


Fall berries

Fall Berries

Cottage Life

Tonight I am on the cusp of two great events. We are still awaiting "bundle of joy" Milo who has eluded us thus far, and I am also  looking forward to a girls' weekend away. A little knitting perhaps, with my feet up, plenty of chitchat, and maybe a glass of wine or two.  Thanks so much Sandy W. for making this possible... It's been a long month and I can't think of a better way to kick off my upcoming Hiatus. Note to Baby Milo: if you don't make an appearance before this grandma heads out of town, I will make it up to you by loving on you double time when I get back.



Girls weekend away

Before and After

Working with "snap shots"

Going through some older photos and found this one of the girls taken at Leslie's wedding. It was a snapshot in dappled shade. It's funny to look back. It hasn't been that long ago, and my granddaughter Allison looks so young here.


Girls before

The girls, Nicole, Jodi, and Allison

Everyone is getting lost in the shade. I wanted to bring out their personalities and add some punch, and make a more timeless shot.



I brought them out of the shadows with a little punch and highlights. Now Jodi's not disappearing in the shade. I also added a "grunge" frame to add a little zip.  Great smiles Girls!


Les4 010

Another shot from my daughter's wedding. Two of my grand kids. Fairly dark photo and Grandson is looking away. The fairy princess strikes a pose worth saving though...


Madee aiden

The finished vintage look

As you probably know by now, I love vintage photos. This one seemed to lend itself to this kind of look with just a hint of color...

As always if you have a photo you'd like to see in a different light, let me know and send it my way.

Healthy Choices

Ahem. We will assume healthy choices and back to the gym come monday thank you...

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

A little Prairie home Companion... I'm a big fan of Garrison Keillor. Maybe it's because of those Scandinavian roots.

Enjoy :-)



Until next time...


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