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Thursday, February 2, 2012

February's Here and love is in the air?


A whole month of vintage Valentines

Cottage Life

This is the month for romance or so they say. Happy anniversary coming up to Will and Jodi on Valentine's day. Now that's handy. Easy to remember. I thought I would take advantage of the theme and share some vintage valentines along the way. I am having the time of my life using my new laser printer. The quality is consistent, bright, and fairly inexpensive per page. The original outlay for the ink might make you gasp but it lasts quite a while. I myself am probably responsible for several trees being consumed, but I can't help myself. It's one thing to see something you create on a screen but being able to hold it in your hand or matte it and hang it on the wall is amazing. Besides think of all the "scrap paper" I am making for the grandkids to scribble on.

IMG 0005

My piles of "test" prints

I may get carried away and actually send out a card or two. Boy will my family be surprised.


Before and After

Today's before and after features a couple of photoshop brushes that I've made from photos. It's a really simple process and the results can be quite fun. I had taken some photos of the rafters in the "original" cabin. They were painted with scandinavian decorative art and in great shape. Then I got this brilliant idea to replicate the original art.

Heart brush demo

I didn't stop there. I had an old photo of a victorian era woman...

Portrait brush

Lowcarb livin'

Found this recipe HERE

Jalapeno poppers

jalapeno chile peppers
8oz. Cream cheese
Sliced bacon
cookie sheet

How To Prepare: Slice jalepenos length wise(in half) and devain. Cut small piece of cream cheese and insert in pepper, wrap uncooked slice bacon around pepper. Bake on cookie sheet or lasagna dish(bacon grease will run off) 350 degrees until bacon is fully cooked. Enjoy !!! Number of Servings: depends on how many you can eat

For a sweet tooth make some meringue using sugar substitute. Add vanilla, cocoa, or peppermint flavoring spoon onto cookie sheet and bake. yum.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Just a little "love song" with a catchy little tune. It's February after all..


Until next time... A low carb Valentine.





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