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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The spice of life and regional differences

Paprika sig

Cottage living

I grew up in the Pacific NorthWest. The "Bearded One" grew up in an army family living in Germany, The Panama Canal zone, and a variety of mainland locations. This has given rise to many a conversation in our household. Common sayings (from my point of view) would be responded to with a quizzical look. Regional differences that would have been more pronounced forty years ago are starting to blend, however. For example I always used to have supper. Now it has become "dinner". I sat on a daveno or davenport. Which then became couch and has now stabilized as the "sofa". Our kitchen counters were referred to as "serving tables" and hotcakes have given over to the more common "Pancake". Funny, now that I think of it, I've always heard the term flat as a pancake but never flat as a hotcake. What ever happened to spuds? Imagine my surprise when I moved to the midwest for a very short stint, and found that the butter cubes were long and slender as opposed to our short and chubby versions which never quite fit right in a proper butter dish. Just who decides these things anyway?  My Best Foods Mayo is known as Hellman's east of the rockies, and Miracle Whip reigns supreme in michigan. It goes into everything. It was very hard to get a prepared sandwich with out the MW signature tang. We did however find one restaurant whose specialty was a "green olive burger" that came with real mayo. It saved me. Sorry Michigan...Ground Bologna was something my NW palate could never quite understand. Growing up I played in the "Crick" as opposed to Creek though the spelling was the same. I used to run through the woods, but now I walk through the "Forest". I do still refer to my aunts as "ants" however and will probably continue to do so.

Before and After

I love photographing bits and pieces of things. This is a great old photo album with a beautiful latch...


IMG 0020

Out of camera shot


Here I've done this a couple of different ways... the first in a warmed up black and white version




This one is more of a boosted up vintage style


Lowcarb livin'

I'm still on track. Eating the usual protein and veggies, It occurs to me that I will have to get a plan for lunches that are portable. Next monday will be here before I know it.

Pause for thought

Until next time...




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