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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday Eve, Signs of Spring, and the great lawn experiment.

IMG 0035

Pussy willows showing their stuff today...

Cottage Life

I enjoyed the bit of blue sky that peeked out today, however fleeting. I came across a couple of weeping pussy willows that had begun to pop. My new lawn has been christened with a "Wolbert's treatment". I will be documenting the before and after transformation. The lawn itself consists mostly of broad leaf weeds and moss. It was treated with fertilizer with a little extra iron for moss control. Today, with the sun break I was able to treat the broadleaf weeds in the lawn and the ornamental bed weeds and grass in the beds.

Untitled 1


Already you can see the effect of the treatment... The moss will begin to turn black, and the grass will have the nutrients it need to fill in and become healthy. I will continue to update and document the progress. It's a little exciting. I know what a transformation our lawn program can make and it's great to be able to do a real time comparison. here is a shot of some of the weeds in the beds. I will document this also. Also make note of the "faux mulch" kind of like grated rubber. Stay tuned it will be miraculous I assure you.

IMG 0013

A little Art...

I pulled this one from the archives... I'm ready for a seasonal change...


hostas and bluebells

Hmmm... Pause for Thought


A vintage spring... an awfully big egg for such a little peep...



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