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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Went to class Wednesday..


Today's vintage valentine

Cottage Living

Went to class in Seattle today. I took my knitting. I knitted discreetly on my lap making sure to look up at the slide presentation and to not make clicking sounds. The subject was of interest to me, and the speakers were good. There is just something about sitting in a closed space with 60 other people and power point presentations that brings out the drowsy in me. It didn't help that the guy next to me would occasionally nod off and snore. It was awkward it wasn't my husband, I didn't even know the guy so I restrained myself from giving him an elbow now and then. I go back tomorrow. I am getting my next beret done rather quickly. This one's for you Annie... It is lightweight and has all of the colors of your tattoos all mingled together... see?

IMG 0026

Before and After

I posted a version of this photo the other day. It was taken in Elma, WA at sunset on the way home from the farm. I thought I would post a couple of detailed versions. sometimes small format doesn't show enough detail.


IMG 0096


This one was done with a filter called "cutout" layered with a graphic pen on top of the original...

Silo at Sunset 2


A closeup...


This one, slightly different with a "stamp layer" on top of orig.

Silo at Sunset 3


Pause for thought

Falling Asleep in Class


by Kenn Nesbitt

I fell asleep in class today,
as I was awfully bored.
I laid my head upon my desk
and closed my eyes and snored.

I woke to find a piece of paper
sticking to my face.
I’d slobbered on my textbooks,
and my hair was a disgrace.

My clothes were badly rumpled,
and my eyes were glazed and red.
My binder left a three-ring
indentation in my head.

I slept through class, and probably
I would have slept some more,
except my students woke me
as they headed out the door.

until next time...


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  1. That beret will be beauiful on Annie. Love the silo photos, but the last shot of just the branches is great!