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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Transitions...


The Thurston County Food Bank Door

Cottage Life

Transitions. Some easy, and some not so easy. I've grown to love our little cottage by the bay. The design, impeccable. Totally comfortable, peaceful and enchanted. Our landlord has been a gift and we've been able to share Bette the dog, loving her like our own. It has been a wonderful two years. It seems our lives go through seasons, just as in nature. Circumstances change, winter gives way to spring and so it goes. Nothing is ever static. We now have accumulated a gaggle of grandchildren, six of them which are five and under.  It looks like we need to become a little more accessible and centrally located for the benefit of all. They grow up so fast. I will surely miss the dinners with exotic flavors, wine, and great conversation but will cherish the memories and remember that cloth napkins and candles are always appropriate between friends. Thanks Melody.

I have been passing this doorway with the mosaic trim for a couple of years always intending to get a photo. It just has never worked out. It's the Thurston county food bank and there is often a line at the door and or no available parking. Today after gassing up the company van it just seemed to be the right time. No one was there and there was a parking spot so that I could jump out and snap a photo or two. It's a new season.


A mosaic rainbow of sorts

Pause for thought...

This is the song one that my sisters, brother and I  would sing together with great harmony according to our mom :-)  Love you guys.


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  1. Looking forward to what the next phase has in store for you. ♥