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Monday, February 27, 2012

Made it through Monday, sort of... with a little whining and sniveling


Cottage Life

I've been off a little for the last several days. I have discovered that I am a clencher... I tend to clench my jaw when stressed or fatigued, which in turn tenses up my neck and shoulder which in turn makes me clench my jaw. It's the chicken and the egg dilemma. I don't know what started the whole thing not that it matters but I just can't seem to unclench or un-tense. So anyway the last few days have been accompanied by a continuos ache. The Bearded one has been very patient as have my co-workers since I'm sure I've appeared more than a little distracted. It comes at a time when I want to be looking forward to moving into our new digs. I am such a planner. It's my favorite part, so it's been a little frustrating. I have shared this whole pitiful "woe is me" to explain why I have been a little lax in my posting. I will endeavor to stop clenching and tensing and get on with the life that I've been given. It's a pretty good one after all...


Before and After

I am enjoying the "Alien Skin Snap Art" filter trial and have it for one more week so thought I'd experiment... It costs 299.00 for the plugin, and can be used with both lightroom and photoshop. I will be putting it on my christmas list, along with  more lenses of course.


A simple blue hydrangea photo...

IMG 2928



A section enlarged so you can see texture.... Oil on textured canvas


This one's fun... called impressionist... All done with one or two clicks.


And then there is good old crayola...

Healthy Choices

A great quick and easy recipe from Jorge Cruise...

The link for other quick muffins



Hmmm... Pause for Thought...


until next time...


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  1. The filter is amazing! Love the oil on canvas.