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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Silos at Sunset, Smoke in our eyes, and Sister Sandy's new hat...


Vintage valentine with a "spin"

Cottage Life

Yesterday the "Bearded One" and I headed out to the farm to visit sister Sandy. The weather was grand, and we were able to get some great photos. Me armed with the 7D and the "Bearded One" with my retired canon rebel xti. I'm encouraging the "bearded One" in his photography interest. It will make my penchant for "better glass" lenses a little easier. One of the reasons for getting out of the woods was to be able to take some "sunset" shots that I needed for a photo-tips project.

Sunset silo 1

Sunset on a silo in Elma, WA

Before and After

On a previous post I had a photo of a knitted beret that I had finished for sister Sandy. We were out at the farm yesterday so I was able to get a photo of her modeling the hat. I thought she would be a good candidate for before and after showing different processes


Sandy 1


A few different versions of the same sister...

Sandy various

Low Carb livin'

We made up some baked kale chips at Sister's fresh out of her garden. Spicy and nice. If you missed the recipe scroll back in the blogs. I also powered up the peanut butter balls with some additional flax meal and chia seeds. They resembled birdseed balls but were really good. I think I made a believer out of Sandy.

IMG 0009

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Sandy built a little fire in the fire pit yesterday afternoon. This time of year is a great time to utilize them you can sit under the blue sky and be warmed by the fire, or completely engulfed by smoke as we were. Note to self... shut front and back doors of house before lighting said fire. A natural draft was created and pulled all the outside smoke in through the house just like a good chimney.

Until next time...


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