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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday... Belated hearts and vintage Neil Young


Camilia in the sun

A backlit camellia on the job today

Cottage Life

Came across this camellia today on the job. It was such a surprise and reminded me that spring will come. Eventually. These February Bloomers mark the beginning of the up and coming spring bloom season.  Today turned out to be quite beautiful although a little chilly. Our area isn't really the best for camellias. Their edges quickly turn brown in the rain. Portland, Or is much better suited. They are quite proud of their blooms. Camellias prefer dappled shade and a lot of air circulation. If you can manage that and keep them out of the driving rain they will reward you with lovely rose like blooms. If you are interested in types and the cultivation there of go Here to Portland Nursery. I also came across these solar eggs in a wire nest. I'm getting the spring time gardening bug. I love garden art. Little surprises tucked here and there for a wanderer to happen upon. Look out garden centers here I come. I will have to go visit Sissie at the Efeste winery in Woodenville and use that as an excuse to go to to Molbaks a great place to find plants, garden decor, ideas, and even a nice lunch with a latte'.

IMG 5255


Molbaks Woodinville, WA

Project 365

This photo should've been posted yesterday on valentine's day but I was other wise occupied. Big oops. My strawberry heart. Happy belated Valentine's day.

Strawberry heart

Strawberry Heart

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

In keeping with my Belated "heart" theme here's Neil young circa 1971 singing Heart of gold. After he finds his harmonica that is...

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