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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stuffed Saturday and a zombie in love...



Today's vintage valentine

Cottage Living


My reading list this evening

It's been a great day, albeit very busy. Got to have a marvelous lunch with two of my girls and grandson Remy. Left the restaurant  totally stuffed. On another note, I'm ready for spring. Tired of the damp, mossy, aftermath of our recent winter storm. The smell of burn piles are beginning to waft through the countryside as people are trying to clean up the messy abundance of fallen branches. This is my first weekend after a "sort of" full weeks work ( I did have classes for two days) looking forward to a paycheck and not having to file for unemployment. Whooty Whooo!

I have a whole list of things that I want to accomplish before going back to work on monday, and a nice stack of books to peruse. My camera has been a little neglected the last few days. I'm thinking of doing some "stock" photography shots... Photos of this, that, and the other thing, including what I call expression shots. I've warned my family that I will be handing out release forms so that I can use them for "models". The release forms are necessary just in case they happen to see themselves featured in a diarrhea, or herpes ad. You never know. ;-) No one is safe when I have my camera in hand so be forewarned.


I'm sure I could make a fortune with these faces alone...

Pause for thought...

I found this surprisingly charming book in the bookstore today... all about a zombie looking for love



Zombies no longer creep me out as much as they would have before but that's partially because the youngest, an up and coming graphic artist, has adorned herself with a variety of tattoos including zombies.

IMG 6904

Okay so they still creep me out a little. Anyway this book is absolutely charming, all about mortimer looking for love. The illustrations are cute in a disturbing sort of way but it has a happy ending, and it is the month of "finding love".



Until next time...


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