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Monday, September 12, 2011

Birthday Wishes and Firewood as Art...

Today was The "Bearded One's" Birthday. I suggested we celebrate at the Local Casino but he declined. That would be something I would like to do. Him, not so much... and after all it is his Big Day.

Happy birthday

Picture of the Day

Hmm...  the "LORD" above and the "Fiery inferno" below.  Seems fitting some how. Hee Hee. I wonder if the irony occurred to them.

Lord above


This is firewood. My little brother's firewood to be exact. I thought it "wood" make good art.... I'm on a roll. Maybe my blood sugars a little askew.

Cottage Life

I have accomplished nothing in this department today. It was all I could do to crawl out of bed, and drag myself to the gym and then to work. Monday's can be like that. I wish I could enjoy the week as much as the weekend. My Fall stuff is still in the tote waiting. I did manage to get one of the planter boxes prepped to be planted with fall splender.  Maybe tomorrow.

Healthy Choices

Yesterday I mentioned fixing rice and adding bouillon feeling quite pleased with my "gluten free" self. My daughter quickly pointed out that the innocent looking bouillon cube was a trojan horse laced with the offending gluten. Arggghhhh... there is so much to learn. And then my son puts a link to a great article on wheat and health which points out the fact that you shouldn't replace gluten with other high starch substitutes. Just when I was enjoying the "gluten free" goodie section I'd discovered at a local bakery.

Hmm... Pause for Thought

It's the Bearded One's Birthday and His PC laptop has crashed so I am signing off early so that he can borrow my mac. It's the least I can do. :-)


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