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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rainy Saturday in the NW

Before and After

I'm having a lot of fun playing with your photos... Keep them coming. I like the practice.

Did you know that if you save your "art" as a PDF file,  put it on a jump drive,  take it to FEDEX (used to be KInkos), and ask them to print it on 11x17 card stock that it will only cost you about $3. The colors might vary a little bit between printers but they usually turn out quite marvelous.


Robin sent this one she took in Germany. It was a fairly small file so in order to enlarge it a bit I went a little more artsy. That helps hide the pixels that really begin to show when you make things bigger for printing.

Orig robin

Here are a couple of different takes...

Robins photo

Pretty colorful and artsy with a paper texture added. More visible at 100%


And this one... a little brighter. Here is the original file that has had a little boost and additional sharpening added.

Before After Germany


Here's another one from Lorali... I really like doing people shots, especially kids. The "Painted" details really show up when printed at 100%

The Before


The After

Colby 2007


Cottage Life

It's raining here...

It's kind of nice. It helps make the transition between Summer and Fall a little more tangible, preparing us mentally for the forth -coming dismal season. Actually I'm all about dismal... I love schlumpy-dumping around in comfy baggy sweaters and floppy wool socks. You can move slower when the weather gets cooler. You can check off a lot of the outside things that you didn't get around to finishing and put them on next spring's to do list. All the container plants that you forgot to water are naturally dying back anyway so you don't have to feel guilty for neglecting them. As for those of you..(and you know who you are) who are basking on the Florida beaches and enjoying the Arizona sunshine, send me a ticket come mid-winter... Auntie's coming for a visit.

Healthy Choices

I intend to start a food journal. I will be posting the previous days triumphs and tragedies. I will also log the times that I actually show up at 24 hr fitness. This will be just to keep me on my toes and somewhat accountable.  This way eldest daughter will be able to ferret out any hidden gluten that might be lurking in my menus. I will just use the scanner to copy and paste the original in this space. Exciting stuff I know.

Hmm... Pause for Thought

The Tao of Pooh

"While Eeyore frets ...
... and Piglet hesitates
... and Rabbit calculates
... and Owl pontificates
...Pooh just is."


Vintage garden art

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