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I am an avid photographer with a love for digital processing. The Bearded One and I have become "Townies" once again and are in the process of transforming our suburban nest into a peaceful refuge.
This blog is where I like to stash things. An assortment of random thoughts, a recipe or two, a few of my favorite photos, and the processing thereof.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Carrots, Parsnips, and Friday's Finally Here

Nothing says fall like colorful baskets of produce at a roadside stand. I happened by this one as they were setting up next to the Rich Rd. Post Office. I stopped and picked up some very reasonably priced pears, nectarines, and a couple of lemon cucumbers, and then asked If I could take a few pictures. The sky was hazy which made for great color.

Carrots sm




Parsnips sm




Fresh picked Dahlias in jars

Before and After

Another one from Ferol. A great little picture. I wanted to do a simpler non-fussy treatment for this one. Again, thanks for letting me have a go at these images.









I cropped it a bit to put the focus on the bloom and then desaturated everything but the Flower. I wanted to give the feeling of a bloom on a dismal day and I also wanted to make the dandelion fade from view. (I eradicate weeds for a living. I can't help myself.) It's actually a pretty subtle difference...

Healthy Choices

It's the end of day five. Knowing that "Chub Cam" is coming up again on monday is helping to keep me from jumping into a vat of something delicious. So here's yesterday's account.

22 menu

Speaking of Healthy choices... I could really go for some chocolate about now.



Hmmm... Pause for thought

All my life I've wanted to be someone; I guess I should have been more specific.

Jane Wagner/Lily Tomlin (1939- )




  1. Your version captures exactly the feeling I had when I saw the Dwarf Iris and photographed it: as if it were valiant and brave against the snow. Beautiful work on all of them!