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I am an avid photographer with a love for digital processing. The Bearded One and I have become "Townies" once again and are in the process of transforming our suburban nest into a peaceful refuge.
This blog is where I like to stash things. An assortment of random thoughts, a recipe or two, a few of my favorite photos, and the processing thereof.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer weather here just when I'm getting ready for Fall

This is the little Norwegian boat Sam has been working on. She is definitely sea worthy and I'm told a joy to row. This picture was taken at sunset, when the bay waters were fairly still.
The purpose of this blog is purely therapeutic on my part. It gives me someplace to ramble. If you've happened upon it,  most likely you're family in which case you will understand. If you happened by accidentally  I hope you stop and say hello. To assist me in keeping this blog somewhat coherent I'm going to be breaking it down into several segments. This in theory will help me to keep both organized and focused. As to whether it actually helps, only time will tell.

The First Section will be my “photo of the day” mostly because I'm obsessed with photography and it gives me someplace to put things.

The Second section will be “cottage life” This will be where I share bits and pieces of our little home.

Third Section will be “healthy choices” my adventure in trying to outwit mother nature and father time.

Fourth will be more ethereal and spiritual, perhaps a quote or two and pause to think.

Fifth will be some favorite links that I’ve found along the way.

Photo of the Day
 I found this maple leaf on the beach when I was out taking pictures of the boat. It was such a strange contrast of color and texture that I decided to shoot it. I liked the combination of barnacles, seaweed, leaf and rock. If you look closely you will see a small crab body in the upper left hand side of the leaf.

Cottage Life
Blue Hydrangea
Fall is in the air. It's September and the summer we never had in the North West is now upon us. Just when I sent George to the storage unit to pick up my "Fall Decor" tote, the weather turned hot. In the eighties... are you kidding me? I'm longing for mulled spices and sweaters and it's sweltering outside. Okay to be honest, here in the shady woods on the bay it's actually quite comfy but in town it's misery. I've had an unwritten goal of always wanting to have my Fall stuff up by September 1st. Did not happen this year. I will make a valiant effort this coming weekend. I want to redo the tired pots on the porch with some mums and winter pansies. I will post pictures when I'm done. 

 Healthy Choices

Hmm... Jack Sprat. This illustration is a little too close to home here at the cottage.
I've started a gluten free diet. It's an experiment. I have been feeling much older than my years in my joints, I'm cranky, sneezy, have watery eyes, (sounds like the seven dwarfs) and walk around like a bloated whale. Turns out a lot of these are symptoms of gluten intolerance, or at worst celiac disease.
Thanks to daughter Leslie I'm considering this plan of action. For the next month I am eliminating all gluten. I am choosing not to eliminate anything else at this time to better judge the effects on my symptoms. After a months time I will eliminate all processed foods. This is day Three. It's not been hard at all. I'm finding a lot of things that are allowed, so I'm not feeling deprived... yet. I will keep you posted. 
I've also started a weight training routine that son Karl has worked out for me three days a week at 24 hour fitness. Hmm. Do the words buff and grandma belong in the same sentence?

HMM... Pause for thought.

If constructive thoughts are planted positive outcomes will be the result. Plant the seeds of failure and failure will follow.

-Sidney Madwed

A great tutorial resource for Photography, design, and photoshop. lots of free videos you can try.

A great gluten free site with lots of info


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