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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our Anniversary and "Fine Dining"

Cottage Life

It was our anniversary today. Three years. We know this because grandson max will be three this year. That's the only reason we know. It's like a bookmark for us. We've been friends for so many years and hanging around together for so long that the tying the knot part gets a little convoluted. We wanted to do something special for dinner so we dined at the local Top Food grocery store. They added a nice sit down eating area with a gas fireplace and giant fake trees in pots. It would have been difficult for me to stay on track eating wise if we had gone to a real restaurant, having to work my way around french fries if we ate cheap, or Baked Potatoes if we went upscale. This worked out really well actually. We went to the seafood counter and got a pound of cooked prawns, grabbed a bottle of cocktail sauce, and headed for the salad bar. Next stop was the bakery where the "Bearded One" was able to pick up a single serving of pumpkin pie. A steaming hot cup of coffee for me an a complimentary ice water and we were set. We pretty much had the "dining room" to ourselves and perched next to the fire which was cozy in spite of the muggy weather outside...  Fine dining... and no tipping. We will probably do it again. Hmm... we could make ourselves at home and invite our friends.

Love you Babe...


Before and After

This one is courtesy of Ferol. A great shot of our shared granddaughter Madelynn. I love the photo. She managed to capture her in mid jump. And the reflection, amazing!

Puddles before



It reminded me of a children's illustration...


So I added a little poem. What a hoot. Thanks for letting me play, Ferol. Keep those photos coming!


Picture of the Day

I was shooting daliahs. Didn't realize this guy was there.


IMG 4042


Healthy Choices

Yesterday's report card. My attitude today is much better than it was on day three. Had "paleo" pancakes for dinner.

2 eggs, almond flour, a little coarse unsweetened coconut, 1/2 scoop low carb vanilla whey protein powder, pinch of baking soda a little cream. Ta Dah!!!  Pretty good with peanut butter!




Hmmm... pause for thought

Fat Moms

Photo of Roseanne BarrSo I'm fat, I thought I'd point that out. Have you ever noticed that fat people don't think like skinny people... We have our own way of thinking. And have you ever asked a fat person for directions? Cause that is when the difference in thinking really shows y'know. Cause you got up to them on the street and ask them where something is and they tell you this "Well... go down here to Arby's... And go right past Wendy's, Mcdonalds, Burger King and it's that chocolate brown building down there. But it's good that I'm fat, cause I'm a mom and fat mom's are better than skinny moms. Cause what do you want when you're depressed? Some skinny mom "Well why don't you joke around a while and that'll release adrenaline in your blood and you'll better cope with stress". Or some fat mom "Well lets have pudding, Oreos and marshmallows. When you wake up from that sugar coma, It'll be a brand new week."

Roseanne Barr, 1985

End okay

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