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I am an avid photographer with a love for digital processing. The Bearded One and I have become "Townies" once again and are in the process of transforming our suburban nest into a peaceful refuge.
This blog is where I like to stash things. An assortment of random thoughts, a recipe or two, a few of my favorite photos, and the processing thereof.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Temperate Tuesday

Before and After
Before and after lyric
This photo was taken a couple of years ago and shows my niece lyric playing with one of the young turkeys.
I've used a different treatment on this one. I was going for a more vintage, nostalgic look. I wanted to make it a picture that you could enjoy no matter how much time has gone by.
Heads up. I seem to be in a paper texture mood this evening, I seem to be putting it everywhere.

Cottage Life
The Landlady has an amazing garden. It's huge. There is only one of her. She plants enough to feed the neighborhood. She does all the work from starting the seeds in the greenhouse, to adding the compost to her french style mounded beds, waiting for the right moment to set out the plants and then she runs her drip irrigation system throughout. We her humble tenants get to partake of the bounty. One of her favorites is kale. In fact she always plants several varieties. We've come to embrace it saute'd in butter with bacon, garlic and onion. Oh and a few pine nuts sprinkled in.

The "Bearded One" gathering some fresh veggies.

And now for a little "Food Porn"
Food porn
Tonight's Dinner

Speaking of Food...

Healthy Choices
As promised yesterday's food and gym journal. Please feel free to skip this part. I won't notice.

Hmmm... Pause for thought
It is a well-documented fact that guys will not ask for directions. This is a biological thing. This is why it takes several million sperm cells... to locate a female egg, despite the fact that the egg is, relative to them, the size of Wisconsin.
Dave Barry

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