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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve




Cottage Living

I am writing this post early Christmas Eve afternoon. I have been to town already this morning and picked up the coconut shrimp and the Peanut Thai sauce for dipping. I also have joined those ranks of those that before I would have scoffed at and purchased and I do repeat purchased a 10" marion berry pie. Store bought pies at christmas time is throwing all good things ever learned right out the window, but as I stared at it's pre-baked artificially tender crust with the berry juice seeping ever so slightly through the sliced baking vents I thought what the hey and put it into my cart. Boy has my life style changed. In my defense however our oven here at the cottage is of the "toaster" variety. I bake pizzas on the gas grill but didn't think the smokey part would enhance a sweet treat so store bought it is.

I am including photos of the white elephant gifts that the Bearded One and I will be taking to tonight's festivities. No spoiler here since I intend to actually post this post party.

IMG 0002


Ahh, what a deal. A genuine Colman pumper upper. Brand new but with some "Box issues". What's not to like right? $4 at the Goodwill. And then there is this two-fer special...

IMG 0006 2 2


A brand new kite made of the good stuff and a brand new made in taiwan Hose stand with spigot. I know. You are absolutely amazed at my gift giving prowess. And also, the by the way, the use of such a fine word describing said attributes. As stated in the previous blog post, the object is to entice the wary recipient with lovely wrapping assuring him or her of a great prize.

Here are the wrapped versions of the exquisite compilations.

IMG 0011 2

My disguised "elephants"

Pause for Thought...

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!!!


Until next Time...

What I'm giving my family and friends... I will either be considered very cheap or very generous, depending on the outcome. Note that scratcher-off'er is included.

IMG 0022 2

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  1. I chuckled the whole way through this post. :-) But I love the button-bearded Santa! Merry Christmas, Friend ♥