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Friday, December 2, 2011

Finish the Job Friday



This was taken a couple of days ago This evening's temp


Cottage Life

I've been busy today on another Secret Project... I seem to attract things that I can't talk about. I can tell you that my sister is involved.

IMG 7056

I arrived home late this evening so If I seem to wander off topic more than usual chock it up to menopausal madness. The bearded One held down the cottage fort today and oversee'd the water heater part replacement. The repairman was here and was able to do a temporary "fix"  so we have hot water until we are able to get another small part on Monday and then we will be good to go. This was all very good because by the time I got home from working on what I can't mention I really needed a long hot shower.


A Little Christmas Cheer... Cranberries



Cranberries are not only tasty they can make great colorful additions to christmas decor... You can string them with popcorn,


Add them to candle votives...


Even freeze them in ice for a festive ice bucket...

these ideas and more can be found Here


Before and After

This is another photo taken by the Bearded One on his Oregon Trip



I love cows, fields, and fences


Two slightly different takes on the same cropped shot...


This one more Oil painting


This one more watercolor-like

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Beautiful song...great photography... glorious white horse all in an odd video... I give you "The Cranberries"


Until Next time...

See what the Bearded One has to put up with?

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  1. The watercolor version is my favorite, again. I especially love that there is nothing modern in the photo - I bet he realized that when he took it.