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Monday, December 5, 2011

Simply Sunday again


Cottage Life

We ventured into civilization today. There were supplies to be gotten and errands to run. It's amazing how fast I've become accustomed to being home. We ran into Target to check on some lights for the porch garland and I was awestruck. All the colors and sights and sounds. I felt like Rip van winkle waking up from a long nap. I found myself going down isles that had nothing to do with what I'd come for, just to look... The Bearded One, who tries to avoid shopping amongst the masses was making a valiant effort to keep up with my careening cart and my loud exclamations of "oh look at this" and "oh look at that". I have been isolated. Out of the loop. Our westside Target has now become a "super" store with groceries and fresh produce. I never knew. Hmmm. How handy. I don't really do much shopping anymore other than a few groceries. We live in a small space and don't really have room or need a whole lot, but the thought of picking up a few groceries and at the same time being able to browse the latest trends is quite intriguing. Yes, I realize this isn't a new concept but there isn't a fred Meyer or Walmart on the west side of town and the older I get the less I wander off the old beaten path on my way home.

I ended up picking up some plain ol' white mini lights to hang off the soon to be made cedar garland. I was looking for "martha stuart like" red berry lights and wasn't able to come up with any. The selection was really low and it's only December 4th. I went for the regular rather than LED because I really like the warm cozy glow they give off. I will supplement the lights with some cones, twigs, lichen and berries. We did manage to pick up  an inexpensive small tree to put up on our display loft. It will be easy to store, but still allow us to hang a few ornaments. The little 20 inch tree from last year will move into the foyer or downstairs. It's amusing that in less then 600 sq feet you can still have different rooms to allocate things. The designer of this space was an absolute genius.

I also grabbed a couple of small apple wild berry scented "Yankee candles" and am actually enjoying one now. I wish this screen had scratch and sniff capabilities, the fragrance is divine...

Well I am rambling and it's really getting late so onto the...

Before and After

This one was taken at a wedding this past summer.


The photo as shot is way too dark and underexposed.

IMG 1086



It's amazing what a little light can do. Shows off her intense eyes and her tousled hair.

Speaking of Light...

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Okay so I'm only putting up a couple of strands. Check this out the whole neighborhood is involved. Amazing.


Until next time...






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