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Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday has come and gone...


I borrowed nephew Daniel to use as an ornament...

Cottage Life

Tis the season to be busy. It is now almost midnight, and I am still thinking, typing, and fiddling. Mostly fiddling. The Bearded One is snoring contentedly in the background. I can't believe that I have turned into such a night owl. I'm thinking that I will probably have a little difficulty getting back onto my old work schedule routine come February.

Tomorrow is officially send out the Christmas card day. At least that is the plan. There is something in my hardwiring that loves a "deal"... I found some old card blanks at the "nifty thrifty" for 99 cents with envelopes so I thought I would think of something creative to do with them thus satisfying both my cheap streak and my artsy inclination. I am tempted to make myself a really big christmas stocking since the Bearded One and I have officially decided to fill our own this year... That baby will definitely be bulging.

I would like to make some fudge and still have to figure out what to take for the Christmas Eve White Elephant exchange. Our family really goes all out for this traditional favorite. We all to try to find the worst possible uglies to wrap gloriously to entice the greedy. Experience has taught me however that not everyone plays by these rules. My family and I once went to an exchange with our usual carefully planned out uglies only to see in horror that everyone else had brought big ticket real deal presents. Our whoopee cushions and hideous bric a brac were not cutting it. The humiliation was horrendous. The kids desperately started trying to take back the presents we had brought which only made people think they were worth going after. I still cringe when I think about it.

Before and After... project 365

Spent the afternoon going to Quinault and back so I was scrambling to figure out what to shoot for today's photo when I got home.  This IKEA lamp hangs in our stairwell...


IMG 0106 3

This is as shot. My white balance was a little off. It showed a little too warm for the effect I wanted.


A slight crop to make a better composition and the white balance adjusted. I added a "screen" layer in photoshop to help illuminate it just a little more.



Anything and everything can become a work of art..

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

it's all about the tree...


Until next time...




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