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I am an avid photographer with a love for digital processing. The Bearded One and I have become "Townies" once again and are in the process of transforming our suburban nest into a peaceful refuge.
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Friday, December 30, 2011

"Foto" Shoot Friday...



Cottage living

I'm Still in La Grande. We walked again today in spite of the torrential rainfall. As usual my daughter-in-law was johnny on the spot and ready to head out the door... so we did. I didn't want to look like a pansy. We had original planned on doing engagement pictures on Saturday but work schedules changes so we went out into the drizzle. I think we came up with some great shots. Taking the photos is only half the fun. I really like the processing side of things. The current trend seems to be almost cinematic, with a journalistic flair. Lots of tonal values, from soft vintage to dramatic black and white. What fun. We braved the wet, ran into a couple snowflakes and even a little patch of blue sky.

Before and After project 365

Lots of puddles gave us an opportunity to use some reflection shots.


IMG 0088 2

The original shot straight out of camera...


I decided to crop the upper section to draw more attention to the reflection. In this version I've used a retro 1970's type process...

Reflection seventies

In this version I've gone with a version called "Heartland"


Pause for thought

A wedding frame of mind... the fun promo for the "Wedding Singer"

Until next time...

IMG 0020 2


  1. Hey! What's wrong with pansies? They're tough little flowers with cute faces - I can't understand how they got such a bad rap. Love the reflection photos!