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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas... Movin' on



Cottage living

The Black and white photo does not depict my mood whatsoever. I am working on a composition study. Shooting in black and white is a suggested method of getting a better idea of tonal values, lines, geometry, and simplicity, all of which play a big part in "composition". It was really hard to do with this particular photo because I love the color of the grey-green lichen against the wet wood of the old birdcage.

Birdcage lichen

I couldn't help myself. I had to post the original.

The Bearded One and I quietly celebrated Christmas day and dined on a fine plump local chicken that the Neighbor so generously gave us. It came brightly wrapped with a tousle of brightly colored curling ribbon. It was almost small turkey size. We roasted it on the grill along with sourdough dressing and plump beets that had been halved and rubbed with olive oil, salt, and pepper. We topped it off with fresh cranberry sauce and felt mighty blessed indeed.

It feels a little strange not counting off the days till Christmas and the New Year will start soon enough. I hope that you all were surrounded with family, friends, and oodles of goodness. Here's to a new year full of adventure, wonder, and abounding grace.

Before and After Project 365

After working in black and white I longed for some amazing color. This is my current "beret" in the making.


IMG 0001 2


The original shot. I intended to do this...


I wanted an artsy feel to it and got that but I think the better composition is the final cropped version, done on "canvas"




The Artsy effect here was achieved by using a combination of photoshop layers, and a Topaz filter called "simplify"

Pause for thought

I was feeling a little full after all of the Holiday feasting. I came across this painting by Ludwig Knaus called the "Glutton"... Made me laugh. She certainly is enjoying her little paper full of treats. By the look on her face I might venture to guess that she is sucking on a "lemon drop" or perchance a sweet "gherkin".



Until next time...

Now this is a little closer to what I've been feeling...


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