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I am an avid photographer with a love for digital processing. The Bearded One and I have become "Townies" once again and are in the process of transforming our suburban nest into a peaceful refuge.
This blog is where I like to stash things. An assortment of random thoughts, a recipe or two, a few of my favorite photos, and the processing thereof.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday, Sock Stuffing Strategy...



IMG 0006

Cottage Life

I don't think I'm ready for christmas. At least it feels that way. It's like when you've packed for a trip and you're ready to go but you feel like you've forgotten something. I keep going over things on my mental list. I've decked the halls, or at least the loft. We've put out the garland and hung the twinkle lights. I've scored a case of  Seductive Food's "Praline drizzle" to share with my favorite family and friends. Christmas cards will go out on Monday. The gift giving is pretty simple this year. A little something for the small one's, a knit picks gift card for Grandma Lou, and best wishes to everyone else. The "Bearded One" and I are doing Christmas Stockings. We have almost come to the conclusion that we should fill our own socks and act surprised... Oh there is the little matter of me getting the "pre Christmas" Canon 7D... the gift that keeps on giving. Gone are the days of everyone piling over at our house for Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner and me baking oodles of cookies and mixing multiple batches of fudge. Large gatherings are a little more than our 600 square feet can handle, and as time goes by, the kids get older and new traditions begin.Passing on the Baton... Maybe that's what makes me think that I've forgotten something. I am so used to being busy and doing. This year is different. I've taken a hiatus from work this winter so things aren't crammed into after work hours and I have plenty of time to be busy and yet not a lot to be busy with... Hmm... I think I'll knit another Beret, or maybe a cowl. Friend Lena has given me some amazing yarn. If only I could figure out a way to knit and work on the computer at the same time.

IMG 0096 2

IMG 0096 3

Two ends of the same hank to show the amazing colors. Marvelous.... thanks, Lena!


Before and After - Project 365

Lately I find that I am really attracted to light and the reflections thereof. I think it's because of the shorter days and early darkness, a sign of the season. So here's  today's 365 picture...What... You mean to tell me that you don't photograph your pots and pans?


IMG 8616 2

A little light coming through the window.



Here I did a "Boost",  a little light painting with a curves adjustment, and a final sharpen, just to enhance what was already happening. Who knew cast iron could be so glamorous.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

On another note... this one's for you Ferol. All this and Willy Nelson Too.


Until Next Time...

We will be stuffing our socks. Good thing I have large Norwegian Feet. :-)



  1. I just made maple pecan pralines for the first time - and here I sit, all by myself - whoops! Better hurry and get some put away before it's all gone. Great photos today, and thanks for the video!