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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday getting close



The neighbor's IKEA star


Cottage Living

Tomorrow is our family Christmas Eve get together. Well at least those of us that are in the area will be gathered. The Holiday tradition used to consist of a whole house full of people opening their presents one by one by one by one. As The family grew it became evident that that plan was no longer working. Now we open presents in our respective houses, most of us on Christmas morning. Our Christmas Eve gathering has now become a food fest with Clam Chowder as the centerpiece with huge amounts of snacks and treats flanking on every side. There is usually hot cider, a little wine, and a sophisticated selection of beer to quench one's thirst. The Gift exchange that we do now is the time honored tradition of "White Elephant" or "Greed" game. We encourage the stealing of presents. Niceness is frowned upon. We like the frenzy of the "you have something I want" mantra. We also like really awful gifts wrapped really well so as to entice the unsuspecting recipient. Although it beats me how anybody could possibly be unsuspecting since we so this same ritual every year. Today I went and  procured the "elephants" we will be taking and I will be wrapping them in the morning with as much flair as I possibly can. Participants be for-warned this family has been known to give everything from giant potatoes to potato launchers. Let the games begin...

Here's wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and don't be fooled by fancy wrapping paper. I'm just sayin'...


Before and After project 365

It was late and I couldn't decide on what photo to use. I was in a funk. The Bearded One helped me out and chose this one. It's sort of a "white elephant" photo.


Blue bottles on a wooden chair... leaves, needles, wet. Typical NorthWest lawn decor.

IMG 0082 2



I liked the bright blue of the bottles, the texture of the wet wood, the needles, and even the debris. Not your typical photo but I thought I would try to make a composition that would work to move the eye around the picture. The shallow depth of field on the before picture left the arm of the chair really soft so I knew I would need to crop it. I wanted an "artsy" feel to it so I simplified it, and treated it like a watercolor by removing some of the detail. Then I bumped it up a notch and played off the reflected light. A little different that's for sure but I think anything can become art. Not necessarily good art, but "art" none the less.

Pause for thought

This is really quite ridiculous.  I can't promise that it will change your life, and it really is a total waste of time, but it made me smile and it fits with my "White Elephant" Theme... Indulge me.

Until next time...


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  1. I wish I had a 'garden room' so I could have the Blue Bottles print!