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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Scherenschnitte Saturday


Cottage Life

It's been a great Saturday. I spent the day out and about mingling a bit which is a good thing. Sharing laughs, conversation, sparkling cider and fine cheese with other like minded women fuels creativity and a zest for living. I met a new photographer friend and am looking forward to some great photo taking expeditions in the future. Actually just getting out in the fresh crisp air I'm sure helped me oodles. I was able to take my fuchsia baskets to store in a neighbors root cellar rather than just letting them freeze and buying new next year. Maybe I will develop a longterm relationship with these decadent gems. In the spring I will gather them up and let the warm sunlight bring them out of their winter slumber and they will bloom proficiently once again.

Twenty two days left until Christmas. I am determined to get the garlands up on the front porch and a nice swag on the front door. The plan is to make them myself but I am not opposed to buying them if I need to. Tomorrow I intend to clean out the pots and front beds ridding them of the begonias and other annuals that have finally breathed their last. This has been a late fall so I will be catching up on things that would ordinarily have been accomplished a month ago.

I think the cold weather is finally arriving. There was a definite chill in the air today, making me appreciate the warmth and coziness of the cottage all the more. I wish all of you well this Christmas Season and if anybody knows of a low carb eggnog recipe would you please let me know? I am definitely having a hankering.

A bit of Christmas Cheer...Scherenschnitte

The german term for the art of intricate paper cutting.

Different styles of Scherenschnitte
Many different styles of scherenschnitte that have been used all over the world as the Chinese art is Jianzhi; Japanese art is Kerie, a variation of origami, Kirigami and Monkiriinvolve folding and cutting paper. Papel picado Paper is the Mexican art of paper cutting. Scherenschnitte is German or Swiss art of paper cutting. Wycinanki is the polish version of paper cutting.

This art form was quite popular with the Victorians. It was inexpensive, still is. All that is needed are paper and a pair of small scissors. Okay so this example is a little intricate...


But I'm thinking snowflakes... My daughter in law Carey is a whiz at making snowflakes. One year, I used some of her snowflakes for stencils for my "Elf the family" photo backdrop. I hung it over the shower rod and made everyone don an "elf" hat and get their picture  taken. Oh how they love me. I will use little brother and wife as an example.


My makeshift photo backdrop


Some terrific patterns to get you started...

A marvelous place to make virtual snowflakes on line. Careful... it may be habit forming

Before and After

This is a photo that I took out at Boston Harbor last year. As you can see my white balance was a little off with the blues. I thought that I would do this one up a couple of different ways playing with color and textures.




The first one has a pin and ink layer to it and is a little less vibrant.


The next is an "Oil" based version


And last is a watercolor Version

Steffielou wccopy

The differences are subtle but and much easier to see at full resolution and size

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

some absolutely incredible snowflakes... it's amazing.


Until next time...

If you get bored making snowflakes you can try this.








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