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Thursday, December 8, 2011

This text's for you Thursday


Mushrooms along the way up by the entry gate...


Cottage Life

This morning I was having an issue with my personal cell phone not being able to send messages. I would type the message, assume that it had been sent only to find that it had gone into some strange holding pattern, "failed to send" mode. The Bearded one's identical phone however was quite capable of getting his text messages out. That's when he decided to prove it to me, sending me a nice little "morning my love" message. Only he didn't send it to me. He inadvertently sent it to some lady named Betty from a church that he sometimes helps out with the groundskeeping. A horrified Bearded One hastily had to text an "oops pardon me message" to said lady. When asking "how did that happen?", I discovered that his contact list was non existent and the only way he could send messages was to scroll through the unlabeled list of numbers called or received, hoping to recognize it. Moving into the technological age has been a process that the Bearded One has not willingly embraced. The term "kicking and screaming" might actually apply here. I only convinced him of the necessity of having a cell phone when I went to work for the railroad. It would be the only way we would be able to keep in contact. He has, however, come a long way in one regard and that was with the purchase of his own net book that enabled him to putz about the internet delving into what ever subjects popped into his mind. At last. A modern man. Well except for the cellphone bit. We, or should I say I, put all the pertinent phone numbers he would need into his contact file. With just a few frustrated raised voices, mostly mine I think we have reached a new understanding of "this damn thing". In the meantime all those messages that I'd been repeatedly sending went out in one "confusing to the recipients", I'm sure, wave of textdom.


A little Christmas Cheer

Ideas for stuffing one's stockings...


The Tradition of hanging Christmas stockings have been around for centuries. There is nothing like a lumpy bumpy stocking with your name on it on christmas morning with a big hot cuppa' cocoa.


  • When filling the stocking, think of the shape. Small, expensive items are best placed at the toe because they're the last to be found and deserve to be the most exciting. Long slimmer items can be slipped down the length of the stocking leg, and in between many filler items can be stuffed in randomly.
  • Decide whether or not you wish to wrap the stocking items. It isn't essential but it does prolong the fun!

    A few favorite stuffers for all ages:

    Candy canes for kids, and gourmet chocolates for me... I mean adults. Along this same vein would be some jumbo pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate and then rolled in sprinkles. Plastic spoons dipped in chocolate and wrapped in cellophane, and tied with curling ribbon for stirring into hot coffee or cocoa. Little cellophane bags of cookies will also go a long way to impress. Tangerines and oranges are an expected staple for the well coifed sock as are little bags of gold wrapped chocolate coins.

    Fancy little foodstuffs can be found at world market. Individual packets of coffee and hot chocolate mixes. Specialty jams, condiments, crackers, and cheeses. Even individual wine bottles... how about a nice wine bottle opener?

    For kids, Crayons, card games, jump ropes, matchbook cars, little lego sets. A magnifying glass for exploring. A small bug book. Long skinny balloons for animal making and maybe a small magic trick or two. Sparkle-nail polish for little glamour girls and lipgloss or flavored chapstick.

    For Him, might I suggest a small maglite flashlight, maybe a leather-man tool. Warm socks are a plus as long as they are not the only gift he's getting. Gift cards to Cabelas or best buy if you have a little more cash. Remember when electric shavers were the highly advertised christmas gift for dad? Old spice still a favorite. There are a lot of little gizmos that can fit into the stocking.

    For Her, fragrances, votive candles, small kitchen items like fine graters for chocolate and nutmeg, a festive apron. If she's a crafter go in that direction. Roll up a knitting magazine, maybe a gift card for some yarn or other crafting goodness. Bath salts, lingerie, warm socks... (my kind of lingerie tends to go quite well with warm socks thank you...)

    So go ahead surprise the one's you love with a lumpy bumpy cornucopia of goodness and hang a candy cane over the side just for good measure.




    Before and After

    I borrowed one of the "Bearded One's" photos. This was taken out at the Nisqually wildlife refuge on a damp and misty day.



    Here he's taken a nice shot of the walkway and beyond. The colors tend to wash out a bit and I find my eyes are darting down the path but then are pulled sharply to the left top corner branches.



    Slightly cropped to bring the attention down the walkway. A heavy boost and some sharpening to bring you into the picture. You can almost smell the dampness  in the air.

    Hmmm... Pause for Thought


    Until next time...









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