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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Sis... Thoughtful Thursday


Cottage Life

It's my oldest daughter's Birthday today. I'm feeling older...

My day has been spent shooting for my project 365 and getting some product shots for "Seductive Foods". The new camera really helps because I can now trigger my speedlite flash remotely so that I don't have to get harsh shadows. Amazing. Combined with the light tent it makes taking shadowless product photos a cinch.


A light tent... very useful for taking nice diffused shots

Here's an example of a light tent shot... mmmmmm. Sassy to sultry glaze. As soon as I'm done shooting this, I will put this on top of a pork tenderloin. Yes sir, I can taste it now.

IMG 8681

Before and After

This is the shot I took for project 365


IMG 8609

This is the shot as taken. For my 365 project I wanted to have the attention more focused on the sunlight hitting the metal gizmo... and not so much on the book shelves behind.



Here I've cropped it a bit and then put the non-essentials into "shadow" or darkness. This way you see the bright light coming through the windows and hitting the subject.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Vintage Laurel and Hardy. I like looking at all the fashions and furnishings of the times.

It's good to laugh... enjoy


Until next time...



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