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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lights are on again and She's back... Sunday



In the midst of the storm

Cottage Life

I've been in the dark. The snow that I had thought would never actually come, came, turned to ice, broke trees, and caused great power outages. I was raised in the woods. We were used to the power being out for long periods of time. It wasn't fun then and for some reason now that I'm older and used to my comforts, wasn't fun at all. It used to be that our homes were heated with wood for at least a back up. It could've been worse. We didn't have heat but we did have propane to cook with.

We have a jeep cherokee and a jeep wrangler. Great for this kind of weather. Good in snow but going over a driveway with trees down all along it's 1700 feet was a no go.  Note to self...next time we will park at the top of the hill when flurries and ice are expected.

The cottage stayed fairly tolerable with quilts, comforters and long johns, until this morning when we knew power was on it's way. Around 8:00 am we heard the calvary coming through the woods following power lines clearing problem limbs as they came. Looking out the window I saw their fluorescent lime green vests glowing like angels wings (sorta) and I knew we were saved. The Bearded One has been reading aloud a great pioneer story which I'm sure added to the drama of it all. During the outage I found my self dreaming a mixture of our circumstances and the pioneer's all mixed together leaving me quite exhausted in the morning. Power was restored, laundry done, showers showered and the heat was slowly filling the house. We have radiant heat that though warm when it gets up to temperature, is very slow to do so. We figure the house will be warmed up by tomorrow.

IMG 0005

The Bearded One making the bed in his inside attire consisting of 3 pairs long johns, 3 shirts, down jacket and ski hat


IMG 0058

Reading pioneer adventures by candlelight and head lamp



Before and After


Lowcarb livin'

I have been a good little trooper. Surprising I suppose because of all the stress and wanting comfort foods, not surprising though because there weren't any "comfort" foods within my reach. Yesterday's breakfast was a good one though... notice I was so busy eating it I almost forgot to take a photo.


IMG 0065

Cleaning out the defrosted freezer. Almond flour pancakes with cranberry-blue berry compote made with Truvia. We have a small freezer so only had to cook up a bag of chicken tenderloins, some frozen berries, veggies, and salmon. Things worked out pretty well. Yesterday ran out of eggs and bananas but sister Sandy came and met me at the end of the drive and took me to town. Thanks sis!.


Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Perfect... I should of watched this before the storm. Enjoy... love this woman... she's cheeky.


Until next time...







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  1. I love the new Bette banner! Glad you survived cabin fever with your sense of humor intact. We'll have to come up with some consolation for missing the yarn train!