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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday's post... I know it's Sunday.

Licorice fern

Licorice ferns in the maple trees along the driveway

Cottage Life

This evening the "Bearded One" and I babysat two of our grandchildren while their parents went out and celebrated their anniversary. It's always nice to take "interactive grandpa" along. The kids adore him and he is really good at giving complete attention to the interaction at hand.  He reads aloud, colors, watches cartoons and is often being towed around to "come see" this or that. He balances out my sort of "I'm here if you need me" attitude. I'm the one in charge of the "I'm hungry" and "could I have a glass of milk" requests.

Tv watching

The trio watching cartoons...

We Love "interactive Grandpa... Happy anniversary Karl and Carey!

Before and After

I am using my oldest grandson who just turned 19 as my "subject" de jour'.


Here is the cropped original version. He is wearing one of his father's signature expressions.

Tucker birthday


The  first  one is the birthday "face book" version done in what I refer to as a Rockwell version... This is one of my favorite styles for using on "snap shots" because it accentuates expressions and has a smoothed out illustration look.


This one was I did using Adobe Illustrator... a fun little cartoony version... it gives his expression a whole different look, but adorable just the same. :-)


Low Carb livin'

Was able to mind my p's and q's even at the Kids' house. The grandkids had tacos, I had the inside of tacos and "The Bearded One" brought a sack lunch. He is really into his program which consists of weight training and eating 5 carefully planned meals a day. Did I mention that is favorite mantra is "self discipline" ? He thrives on making himself stay on task. I can't say that it's rubbed off on me. I rarely use the phrase let alone practice it. Hmmm... I could be missing an obvious key to success when it comes to Healthy lifestyle...

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Here is a gem that I just found... It's a little under ten minutes. Might take a little self-discipline to push the play button. Go ahead I think you will like it. Wisdom can come from unexpected places.


Until next time...





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