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Monday, January 9, 2012

Must be Monday and what to do with a really poor photo...


A lovely cup of Earl Grey Tea with friend Ferol

Cottage Life

I am sitting here at 10pm madly scrambling to get out a post. I have been playing. Well that's not all true. I've been working on a project for oldest daughter which involved making a flyer for a photo-shoot package to be given away at a charity auction to benefit grandson's R.O.T.C group.


My auction flyer

I then made the accompanying gift certificate, turned them both into PDF files and e-mailed them to Sissie. Job done! The internet is an amazing thing. To be able to put a project together and then send it instantly to anywhere in the world is absolutely mind boggling.




I had the pleasure of having tea this afternoon with Blogger friend and in-law Ferol. What a treat. The woman is amazing. Such insight, and she knits too. Really well. Constantly. But I digress. I was about to mention how well received her "No, in fact" blog has been. Her's is a journey full of wit, humor, wisdom, and fiber in the midst of a sometime's wild ride. Kudos my friend.

Before and After Project 365

I took a photo of my afternoon earl grey tea. I did, as I often tend to do, snap it hastily not really paying attention to the many blinking readouts in my viewfinder. What I ended up with was a poorly exposed, somewhat fuzzy, ho hum photo of a beautiful cup and saucer. I wanted to make it work, so I fiddled.


The original, dark, fuzzy, and poorly composed photo...

IMG 0019 3


The finished piece is at the top of this blogpost. I want to show a full size snippet here so you can see the textures and colors that small files sometimes don't show. I cropped it just a little so that the cup wasn't dead center. Lots of filters, layers, and digital paint... and ta dah!


Close up of handle and spoon and canvas texture

Low carb living

I've been doing really well in spite of myself. Being able to whip up almond meal blueberry muffins is helping a lot. They are delicious, filling, and absolutely good for me. I went out for my morning walk about five minutes ahead of the merry "Bearded One" so we passed like two ships in the night. The first leg of the journey I got all my grumbling taken care of, so I stopped on the way back down so he could catch up with me and I was actually able to make "pleasant" conversation... or at least non-grumbly conversation.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Tea for Two... in keeping with the theme. if nothing else check out the hairdo....


Until next time...


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  1. See, the cup of tea is another note card. I can't believe you found a photo of us as little girls - you on the right and me on the left. It feels almost like we've known each other that long anyway, doesn't it? And, thank you. ♥