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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tranquil Tuesday...



I know... it's an odd picture. What does it mean? Who knows it just called to me.

Cottage Life

I've been out and about today and got to see first hand a lot of the damage done by the ice storm. There is nothing quite so sad as to have a cherished tree split in half, broken, or tipped over.

After many "I'm sorry due to the high volume of calls we are not able to take your call at this time... good-bye" tries I was finally able to get through to the unemployment office. I was sitting in the Target parking lot hoping that my cell phone wouldn't die. The recording when I finally got through said that the average wait was 35-45 minutes. I turned off the speaker phone to save power, and waited.... patiently.... sort of. At last I heard the sound of my call being put through. I had rehearsed in my mind how I would handle the snafu of missing the check. I was as contrite as I could be, making it known to the the voice on the other end of the line that somehow I had messed up in my reporting on the old claim and starting the new. The voice on the other end of the line was at first doubtful of being able to fix my dilemma but then she said "just one minute"... apparently she was able to do the impossible because when she came back she helped me "re file" for that old claim week. The whole process is so confusing. When weeks end, when weeks start. I thanked her profusely, At least I think it's fixed... She was rattling off a bunch of different scenarios. My phone was fading fast. I am relieved. I think. I should know in a day or two or three or so.

So with another little crisis averted for today, I wish you well on your Journey.


Before and After Project 365

Another one of Robin's great photos from Arizona. I am loving the contrast of her "dry and warm" to our "wet and cold"


I love the old brick and chipped plaster...




A little color boost, simplify, and sketch with a canvas texture to finish.

Here's a snippet to show the texture and "paint"


Healthy Choices

Have not been home. Made sure I had a low carb bar with me in the wrangler to get me through. I'm thinking that I need to make a low carb chicken enchilada without the tortilla. There must be a way. I will work on that. I love my almond flour but I don't know if it's tortilla worthy. Hmmm. Faux enchiladas with sour cream and a little salsa and avocado. I'd better go eat something. I'm hallucinating.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

This is just one of those mellow guitar strumming, hum along songs that's been circling in my head this afternoon.

Now I'm really in a mellow mood... come on along. The gentle strum of a guitar can do wonders.. reminds me of a good old fashioned slow dance... Where is the "Bearded One" when I need him? Yoo hoo........

Until next time...


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