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Monday, January 23, 2012

Must be Monday






IMG 0005 Edit

The aftermath...


Cottage Living

We've survived. The house is now warm again. The driveway is drivable. My internet is up and running. Whew I said, then as usual life dished up some new "challenges". The Cherokee that I used to charge my phone, now has need of a new radiator. Oh maybe I didn't mention that while charging my phone and running said jeep it overheated unbeknownst to me filling the interior with smoke. Only charged my phone partially too, I might add. So Jeep is off to the shop. The unemployment office has miscalculated giving me two waiting weeks without pay instead of one. Sigh... will tend to that tomorrow. In figuring my taxes it looks like my refund will be an I owe. You get my drift. Life happens. And not usually in a slow metered pace. Things tend to pile on top of each other, wait for you to exhale then here we go again. I'm not complaining by any means. Well I guess I am complaining now that I think about it. Hmmm. Anyway as I was intending to say...we have it pretty good most of the time and in a few weeks these tragedies will be just a faint discomfort in our memory. We have great friends and family who if ever we were really in a bind would help us out. I need to remember that things do work themselves out. The mechanic is holding off fixing the jeep for a bit, we have the wrangler to get back and forth in the meantime. The landlord is understanding, we're warm, dry, and well fed. I hope this post finds you the same.


Before and After project 365

This morning before I got up I was lying in bed thinking about Nephew's wife Robin and her jewelry making, thinking it would be fun to do some jewelry photography in my light tent. What a surprise when I checked my email and found that Robin had sent me some pictures to play with that she'd taken in Arizona. My kind of photos. Texture, rust, and ambience.





I gave it a boost, ran it through a topaz filter "simplify", added a pen sketch layer, textured canvas, and bumped up the "warm" a bit. Below is a closeup of the "painted canvas"



Thanks Robin... I will have fun with these. I can send you the large size "after files" if you'd like. I think they would make some great prints..

Lowcarb livin'

Yeah, yeah. Still doing okay. Just not in the mood to talk about it. Well maybe just a little bit. Had a great omelet with avocado this morning with a piece of the now staple "Almond meal blueberry not muffin, muffin" Fish and Brussels sprouts for dinner. So see I am doing well even in a crisis. Again I must state that the fact that there are no "illegal" eats here helps tremendously.

Pause for thought

Things are gonna get better...



Until next time...


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