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Thursday, January 26, 2012



My laptop "desktop"

Cottage Living

I've been really busy working on a lot of projects. I seems I replicate file after file, after file. In working in photoshop I always want to be able to go back to some point or another. My file naming system gets really wacky. It will start as... the file such and such. then it becomes, the new file such and such. Then there's the new file such and such with add ons, the really new file such and such. You get the idea.  If I'm working on them they always end up on my desktop. I tell myself that I wouldn't want to accidentally delete anything important. It's a good thing the Mac's "finder" is so good at finding other wise I would be in serious trouble. Then there are my photo files. I shoot in camera raw and jpeg, and I can shoot well over a hundred shots a day. I'm not saying these are good shots. Most are "test' shots. Me wandering around looking through my lens and snapping at different settings, etc. Now a smart person would go through the images quickly using the camera's lcd screen, deleting the obvious schluppy shots. I can't see that tiny screen clearly enough so I just upload them all onto the Mac. I swear I hear it groaning when ever I come near it with my usb cord in hand. Now that I've caught up with myself for a moment or two, I'm thinking that it would be a good time to unload a lot of extra files, starting with my desktop. I really need to set up a filing "system" so that I can easily group same with same. No more of "the really really final redone such and such file. We will see.

On a "knitty" note, this frisbee shaped object leaning on my lamp base is in fact a beret that I've just finished for my sister Sandy. I actually "finished" it several times in the dark when the power was off. I would have to frog it in the morning when I could actually see. I'm blocking it on a large dinner plate. This is the third hat that I've made from this pattern. It's easy to knit and despite it's "Tam" like appearance on the plate, it really looks good when worn.


Before and after

This is a photo I took next door in the cabin. I wanted to try a muted, watercolor look.


IMG 0057 2



Lowcarb Livin'

An artistic tribute to the lowly "peanut butter ball". I had originally photographed it all by itself. Wasn't very inspiring so I got the bright idea of adding a glass of "Trader Joe's" finest Cabernet ($2.49) to boost the artistic impact. I didn't go so far as to add a canvas texture but looking at it now I think it would've worked very well.


This small morsel of protein filled delight has been a life line in my low carb journey. If you've missed the recipe go Here. I find that I really like it using the vanilla whey protein rather than the chocolate. and I roll my in unsweetened coconut. I whipped up some more faux tortillas (see yesterday's post) this time I tried a variation. I sprinkled on some red pepper flakes, parmesan cheese and a little garlic salt before cooking...

IMG 0002 2

Before going into the "ovenette"

It turned out really well. I think that I will be able to use them to make "Wraps" for my lunches when I return to work. The experiments will continue. It's nice that food no longer "talks" to me... It might whisper now and then, but at least it's not screaming. What a difference cutting back on the carbs and eliminating the sugar has made.

Pause for thought...

It's a guy thing...

Until next time...


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