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I am an avid photographer with a love for digital processing. The Bearded One and I have become "Townies" once again and are in the process of transforming our suburban nest into a peaceful refuge.
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yipee yi ay Cow Patty Tuesday


Vintage Birdcage overlooking the Bay

Cottage Life

This is January. Soon to be the middle of January. The weather doesn't seem to be reflecting that. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, it's just that I had envisioned that my temporary "non-workus-hiatus" would consist of me looking out at the blustery ice and snow, blissfully drinking hot chocolate while my poor co-workers suffered in the foul weather. Okay not really the last bit, but blissful and warm non the less. With the weather being so moderate I keep feeling like I should be doing something outside. I've worked outside year round in all kinds of weather for years so it's an odd feeling to be slacking although I think I am beginning to get the hang of it. The lousy weather will probably come when I'm back to work next month. I am coming back... right boss? The time off has been amazing but the Bearded One will appreciate me more is smaller doses.

Today I have been obsessed with chickens. Pat's Hen to be exact. I have been trying to perfect some "farm cards" for the upcoming South of the Sound Community Farmland Land Trust benefit coming up next month. I had tried several versions including one that I posted recently. I have been cranking out the prints fine tuning etc. I was excited thought I came up with one that I really liked. Hooray. So proud. Showed it to the Bearded One who says "hurumph. I really like the other one" pointing to one of my discards on the stack... By this time there had been countless nuances and changes. Now I was second guessing myself. Argghhh. Okay I really liked the chicken in his version but the background on the new one. No problem thought I, I will just merge the files only I've made so many different variations, all of them start blending together. I tried desperately to recreate the missing "hen". Unfortunately I do photoshop the same way that I cook. I don't follow directions or recipes, I just wing it and dump a little of this and add a pinch of that. Before I knew it hours had gone by... it felt like minutes I was so engrossed in the process. Anyway I think I finally have come up with one that we both like, sort of. At least the Bearded One says he likes it. Of course he's probably just tired of peering at chicken prints and wants to appease me.


After all that...


Before and After project 365

Since I started in a "Fowl" mood today I thought I would continue the theme.. There is an amazing old vintage birdcage in the old "original cabin". I thought I would try shooting it to come up with something for 365


IMG 0033 2I really wanted to do something a little different so I thought that I would concentrate on the door detail, cropping it so that the details of the screen and latch would really show.


365 birdcagedoor

A little different but I think it makes for an interesting photo. I put the door to one side and had the screen running along the bottom third to help with the composition. Because project 365 is viewed "screen size" small details like this just wouldn't show up if I showed the whole cage in the photo.  Besides I like bits and pieces of things.

Low carb livin'

Another good day as far as eats are concerned although I did slack off in the walk dept. I was engrossed in chicken parts. Speaking of which... We've started cooking up large amounts of chicken tenderloins, seasoning them, putting them in foil while still frozen, and then throwing them on the grill. That way we always have cooked chicken in the fridge for snacking, sandwiches "Bearded One" or salads.

This morning I threw a batch on the grill. I got busy working on the "printed" chicken. Totally forgot about the cooking chicken until I glanced up at the clock and said... hmm I should eat something. The Bearded One and I both got the ah ha moment at the same time. "THE CHICKEN!!! As I made my way out to the porch to retrieve the sure to be charcoal by now chicken, the Bearded One was telling Bette the dog that she was in for a big treat. Burnt bird. Lo and behold, miracle of miracles I cautiously opened the foil and much to my surprise I found perfectly done, still moist, delectable morsels of chicken. Our mouths were agape... The dog was disappointed. It was right up there with the miracle of three guys in the furnace... not even the smell of smoke. Well maybe just a little mesquite.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

This morning I opened my mouth and this little tune flew right out. I don't know why. It's happened before. It happens quite often. In fact the kids probably remember me bursting out with this ditty throughout their childhood. I only know two lines.... Yipee yi  ay Cow Patti, lookin' for the man who shot her daddy... on a moped she called flame. Beats me.


Until next time...









  1. The hen is a winner. Beautiful!

  2. Thanks Ferol, but I don't think you've ever met a chicken you didn't like lol