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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday What???


Cottage Life

Yesterday I was obsessed with chicken prints. Today I was Technically challenged.

This morning when the Bearded One went to connect with the internet on his toshiba net book, he couldn't. I could connect on my Mac which led to much angst on his part. Clearly this time it wasn't our internet connection. It quickly, or not so quickly actually, became obvious that the problem lied with his windows 7 operating system. (There is a reason I migrated towards a MacBook... Sorry Microsoft.)

After having his net book "trouble-shoot" itself I was left with an error message that it didn't tell me how to fix. I am not a technical person. I am totally clueless when it comes to geek speak. About an hour into the frustration of re-booting, rechecking, and even using the mighty "system restore" I went onto the internet via my mac and began to search. Seems like the problem is a very common one according to the techie forums. One day you are zipping around the net just fine, the next, nada. You can see the wireless connection but there is a big red X between your computer and the world wide web. Much to my chagrin I found in my searching, that the "solutions" offered were not solving the problems. I went down one rabbit hole after another copying down snippets of code like a mad woman. I was horrified. The once computer-phobic Bearded One has now become rather attached to the vast amount of data that surfing the internet offers. I had visions of actually having to share my Mac. Armed with sheer determination I delved even further, looking for clues, praying for a miracle. And then there it was. Amongst the clamor of thread after forum thread. A small light shining.

  • UltimateMentor21 said on :


    If the methods stated in the article don’t work, try my advice. It is guaranteed to work for all versions of Windows 7.

    1. Run Command Prompt as Administrator
    (All Programs/Accessories/(right-click on Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator).

    2. Type “netsh winsock reset”.

    3. Restart your PC or laptop.

    This will help you not encounter the same problem EVER.


  • Could it be? Was this the answer I'd been searching for?

    Yes!!!!! It worked!

    Thank you UltimateMentor21 whoever you are! We are saved.


    Before and After

    I was a little late taking photos today. I grabbed this shot in the poorly lit garden shed during my walk.


    The original photo

    IMG 0089

    Very dark and against a foggy, reflective window.



    The baskets are still pretty dark but I blacked out the background to make them stand out. I then went a step further and used a topaz filter, just because. Here's a bit up close to show detail...



    Low Carb livin'

    Doing fine Today. Being able to have an almond pancake with blueberries is really helping. Not only satisfying but tasty. I've always been a bread, pasta, and potatoes kinda gal. Comfort foods are comforting. That's the point. The Bearded One grilled salmon and we had that with brussels sprouts with a little feta sprinkled on top. Divine. Oh I got my walk in in spite of myself. I carried my camera gear up to the weaving shed at the top of the drive to take a few photos.

    Hmmm... Pause for Thought

    I give you "Hal"....



    Until Next time...




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