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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Whoopee Wednesday!!!


The Trees at the top of the Drive...

Cottage Life

Okay so now we have snow. Lots. I hiked up to the top of the driveway to get some shots up at the garden. Was  a beautiful little hike, surrounded by the muffled silence that only a blanket of snow can give. While at the top of the hill I ran into our neighbors. They were dressed in colorful attire which went well against the snow. The Bearded One and I seem to wear a lot of drab outer wear. Eddie Bauer Grey. Keeps us warm but doesn't make for good snow pictures, so I give you the "Boys" next door.


Even my landlord knows how to be colorful. I need to head to the nifty-thrifty and get myself some "snow duds" so that I too can look picturesque.


Our colorful Landlord, good friend,and neighbor Melody




Before and After project 365

Melody is always so kind to let me photograph her stuff. This is the one I picked to put on todays 365. Other 365 photos can be seen by clicking on this link.

Garden shed

I wanted to take a picture of the snow through the garden shed windows. The reflected light of the snow was perfect. This is pretty much as shot. I did crop a tad and sharpened it but that's it.

Low Carb Livin'

I'm feeling way to guilty about my blueberry muffins and the infamous "peanut butter balls" How can something this good be good for me. Guilt free indulgences. Sticking to the plan. I cooked up some chicken in the Toaster Oven which from this point on shall be known as  the "ovenette". I used some of Chef Traci's "Seductive Essential Rub to perk it up a bit. Excellent.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

A little sledding perhaps?




Until next time...

Snow wire

A little snow on the wire up at the garden




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