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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday, "Snow Eve"


NewImageI had to use Sunday's snow picture... ours is mostly gone, snow has turned to rainy cold.


Cottage Life

Today was spent waiting for the "BIG SNOW". It didn't come here. We may still get hit tomorrow they say. Living on the water has it's atvantages. It's a little warmer so slushy snow doesn't stand a chance. We don't have TV so I can only guess at how the weather is out in the local area. On a more exciting note, I am looking forward to going on the "Knitting train" to Portland this Saturday. It starts out at Seattle, but I will be getting on in Centralia with friend Ferol and Daughter-in-law Carey. Both of who have lovely blogs. We will be knitting alongside a train full of like minded fiber junkies all the way down. Once we get there we will shop, eat, shop some more, then board the train home. More Info Here. I have been working on cards and other design projects. My wonderful neighbor has become my  "Rep" and has drummed up a little business for me. She's a natural. Me, I just like to create. It suddenly occurs to me that it is 9:00 in the evening and I haven't picked up my camera. Not once. Now I'm going to have to root around the cottage and find something to shoot for "365" egads! "I'll be back" I say in my best Schwarzenegger impression.

Before and After Project 365


Okay so I ended up with a little stack of baskets. This will have to do. I had been waiting for the snow to come so that I could get some "winter" photos and then just forgot.  For the before and after I thought that I'd share some great little brushes I found on line to help with a project I'm working on.


Great little free stitch brushes... can be used with photoshop or Gimp. They look just like real stitches. How fun is that.



Like all brushes, you control the color and size.


Making this little quilt is much easier now. see how real the little uneven stitches are. They even have the fuzz that comes with real embroidery thread. I will be stitching everything in sight now I'm afraid.


Healthy Choices

Being slush bound is certainly helping me to stay on point. Nary a Starbuck's cranberry orange scone in sight. I've been feeling a lot better too. I think that the "Bearded One" will attest to my better, more even, mood. =)

Another Cauliflower hint. Cooked Cauliflower can be drained and cooled, then coarsely grated to be used in the place of rice. It will take on the flavor of whatever it's mixed with and has the rice texture. Try it, I think you'll be surprised at how good it tastes. I like it used in fried "rice".

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

I meant to share this the other day. Passed on to me by a couple of friends and very heartwarming. If you've seen it already might even be worth a second look


Until next time...


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